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Whats the deal with the M51 in the UK?


Its a much better deal than the A71, 7000mah battery for essentially the same phone and almost £100 cheaper yet the only place i have seen it for sale is on Samsung UK website, Its like it does not exist, even sammobile has no firmware for it and I have never seen that before on Sammobile

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There is a few online sites that also sell that phone model @dj1891 


I guess businesses will only supply a phone they think that will sell well !


I'm not sure with custom roms and I assume its the same situation. There maybe more info on


Are you tempted to buy the phone from Samsung UK Online ?


They may also be available in a Samsung Experience Store if you have one local.



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Yes, its essentially a A71 with a bigger battery and cheaper,OK its not got the likes of Secure Folder or Samsung Pay but I never actually use any of those.

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The galaxy M51 is essentially a revamped J series from Samsung. Upon checking with a representative they advised that the M series is one below the A series too. one clear advantage of buying the A71 is that the A71 is getting 3 android OS updates where the M51 will only be lucky to get 2. Also another little difference is that the fingerprint sensor is on the side on M51 and not in display like the A71 is. The phone is also much thicker due to that very large battery. Another significantly large difference is that the M51 runs One UI Core which basically doesn't have any of the highlight One UI features as its for the Lower end devices. The A71 comes with the fully fledged One UI 2.5 as with all other Samsung devices. Due to these reasons the A71 is still a better phone even though on the paper it may not look as good.
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