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Weight managment different on phone to watch


There is a issue that has been ongoing with samsung watches for over a year!


The samsung health app "weight Managment" section does not match the samsung watch "Weight management" section


You can see below it is always out a bit.

It looks like the watch matches the "active time" calories burnt rather than the "Weight managment" calories burnt. I don't know why these two are different but the watch should match the APP.


The problem is you can be blue and under on the app but red and over on the watch 


Please resolve samsung and stop ignoring your customers !


Please don't recomend reinstalling and clearing cache it doesn't work!!

Samsung health weight ManagmentSamsung health weight Managment


Samsung active watchSamsung active watch


Samsung health active timeSamsung health active time



Another example different day 20190428_210317.jpg


Screenshot_20190428-210259_Samsung Health.jpg


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