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Warranty on a 22 month old phone

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Samsung are refusing to fix the black notch on the screen of my Samsung S8 which i bought brand new for my Dad in December 2018. I'd always assumed it was a design for some reason as its a perfect black circle of about 3 cms under the top of the screen. Its only as i've done a factory reset that its become apparent its a defect. 


Samsung are refusing to fix it under warranty, even though it was purchased from Amazon, as it wasn't purchased from an 'authorised dealer.' I don't think that fair but can someone confirm if that's correct? If it is I'm getting rid of my S10+

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it might be because the phone is out of its warranty anyway
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For what reason are Samsung refusing support @Cyberxploits  ? Just because you purchased from amazon which I'm sure lot's of people do.


I'd suggest to check in the Samsung Warranty T&C's for your region and raise a ticket via Samsung Customer Services. 


Samsung phones come with a 2 year manufacturing warranty but that does nkt cover issues resulting from accidental bumps or water damage.


They would need to inspect it if they've not already done so.


Can you take a picture and post it here.




Hi , the phone is actually at an authorised repairer at the moment.

The extract from the email they sent to me is as below:


We have already referred this to Samsung prior to sending you a quotation, and as your device is out of warranty due to age and the screen bleeding out is normally due to impact/pressure, unfortunately the repair will be chargeable moving forwards.

 We have reviewed your proof of purchase, and we’re unable to accept this due to the device not being purchased from a Samsung authorised retailer.


The defect has always been on the phone. I took a picture before sending it back.

S8 notch.jpg



They now want to charge me £256 for a repair. My understanding of warranty is that is takes effect from the date of purchase not when Samsung moves on to the next phone in their lineup,

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