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Verizon Mischief? on a S7 Edge

(Topic created on: 28-08-2020 12:48 AM)
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Under Settings, there used to be an icon for "storage" that has magically disappeared- has anyone else had this problem? Does it only display with an SD card installed? I have been getting messages that I'm running out of space, yet I removed several old apps and retrieved space. I also use a 128gb SD card, and have noticed "shenanigans".  I have previously moved some allowable apps to the SD, also noting that after any "app updates", the app is magically back on internal only. The other day I was sitting at a table and watched my phone reboot several times; I went to check on "updates", and record shows my last update was 4-26-20. HUH. I remember being told to update much more recently than that. I of course have another message telling me to free up space, yet I haven't changed a thing or added anything new- the space magically disappears by itself. I was Goggling for answers, and ran into a page that said "SD data corrupt after update? Do this-"; so I'm guessing there are known issues. A friend suggested that Verizon is doing this to encourage an upgrade purchase, and was also told that an unlocked phone prevents the carrier from said tactics....advice/suggestions/remedies? I appreciate any feedback.