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Usb not recognised on laptop

(Topic created on: 11-06-2020 04:53 PM)

I'm connecting my s8 phone to laptop. Each time I do this it says USB not recognised.


1.I did a factory reset, this did not help. (lost all my photos which I was expecting) 

2. I'm using official charging cable, in different ports

3. I've changed usb power options on windows 10 to disabled. 

4. I've tried kies Samsung programs, have downloaded the USB drivers. 

5. Have tried everything in device manager to get the device id to get more drivers, cannot find anything. 

6. Have uninstalled, installed all usb ports, restarted laptop, ran cleaner to delete reg entries.

7. Accessed debugging mode, turned usb toggle to transfer files etc still no joy. 


My laptop is hp laptop with Windows 10. It has all latest updates. If I go to update the device driver it says it already has the latest driver. Manually updating the driver hasnt done anything either. 


I've rang Samsung, number just keeps ringing. Tried online chat, bot says everyone too busy so can't get hold of anyone. Anyone who can help please. 


Hey @Nyn, can you try connecting the phone to the PC without any case or cover as well as changing the USB cable? Is the S8 up to date? Settings > Software Update > Download Updates Manually. Can you download Smart Switch on your PC to see if the PC recognises the phone? Try also connecting the phone to the PC while in Safe Mode: turn your phone off then back on, and when you spot the Samsung logo on the screen, press and hold the Volume Down button until Safe Mode is displayed. To exit Safe Mode, restart the phone.


I've just tried the safe mode suggestion. Again it is saying USB devicenot recognised. 

This is with smart switch program running, and plugging in usb on main screen which says connect your deviceto get started.

I've tried the official usb cable in different ports and have also tried another 5a usb cable and an ordinary cable. Nothing is working. The phone has the latest updates, the laptop also has thelatest updates. I have also uninstalled the Huawei program from my laptop called HiSuite which I thought may have conflicted with smart switch but it is still not working.