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USB Multimedia Galaxy S7 to Windows 7 issue

(Topic created on: 09-06-2019 02:20 PM)
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Hi. I wonder if anybody can help or explain  why this happens.


 Apologies if this is a bit long winded but I want to describe what's up as best I can. 


I connect my galaxy s7 (SM-G930F) to my Windows 7 laptop via USB cable, and select "Transferring images via USB" on the phones notifications menu, "Samsung Galaxy S7" appears in Windows explorer under "Computer" and I can view pictures from  the device and SD Card as you'd expect. No problem there . I can't however view other kind of media on the laptop in this mode.


 However, when I select "Transferring media files" the phone disappears completely from the computer. 


In a nutshell , there seems to be no way to access media files apart from photos via USB. 


What is further confusing me is that I have actually managed to transfer both videos and pictures via USB in the past. It was only in the last photo/video dump I attempted that the issue began to occur. 


I don't know if that means some kind of update has occured or something. Maybe I'm missing something obvious . 


I've managed to work around the issue by taking out the Sd card and transferring videos etc that way. But I still want to know if there is a fix for Usb as it's just more convenient .



Anyway, any info greatly appreciated!






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Same exact issue for me on Windows 7 with a Galaxy S7 (SM-G930U and Android 7.0). Why does not anybody have a solution?


This feature works fine on my WIndows 10 machine, but not on Windows 7, so it's obviously a bug. Has anyone experienced it with another phone and also Android 7? So it's either an Android 7 bug or a Galaxy S7 bug.


Samsung or Google, are you that indifferent about your customers to neglect such a bug for probably 3 years? S7 is one of the best phones, so we should be able to transfer all files to Windows 7 not just photos. And please don't ask me if I have the latest S7 drivers and Windows 7 systems updates installed, yes of course I have.


Thanks for a solution!

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Glad it's not just me!