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(Topic created on: 18-08-2022 08:51 PM)
I'm dew to upgrade my phone this one is a Samsung A22  5g but really its ***** when I ringing a friend and another caller rings it cuts me off 
I used have iPhone which I found easy until I lock myself out of it so son said to get this I'm not really happy with it 
So can a normal person tell me what's is best phone over all please 
Hallo and friends hindi
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It's not easy to recommend a phone @lizz-Lou as we all have different wants and needs from a device.

It can also depend on what's available to you via your contract or via disposable income to buy the phone outright.

There are mid-range phone's and flagship phones to consider and what each brings to the table for you.

I'd suggest to look at what's available in regards to phone models to you via your upgrade available options, and then view reviews on Tech sites and YouTube to try and get a shortlist of phone's you like and then visit your most local Samsung Experience Store or Network Highstreet Store that has working retail demo models on display to get hands on with them.

The staff will I'm sure be only too happy to guide you.

We here are only too happy to discuss the phone's you decide to choose between too.

In regards to the Samsung a²² 5G your having issues with this could be a caused by a few problems.

  • Sim card may need replacing.
  • Your network masts maybe causing issues.
  • The issue maybe with the person(s) your calling and not at your end.
  • Try resetting network connection in Settings,  General Management,  Reset,  Reset Network Connection.
  • The phone has a diagnostic tool in your Samsung Members App under the GetHelp section.
  • A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can assess the phone.
  • I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 

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