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Update Has Made Kindle App "Disappear"/Be Unusable

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I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx from Virgin Mobile. 

It recently did a system/security update thing. When the phone restarted my Kindle app was suddenly gone. It does not show anywhere as being on my phone, not in my app drawer and is not listed amont the apps in Settings area.

When I went to the GooglePlay store it says the app is still installed. It gives me two options. A button that says Uninstall and a button that says Enable. If I click on Enable then very, very briefly the button will say Open but then it quickly switches back to saying Enable. If I very rapidly, and repeatedly try to click on the Open button before it disappears I can sometimes manage to get so the Kindle app starts to show the Kindle app opening screen for a Split Second, but then it will suddenly jump back to the GooglePlay store and show the same Uninstall and Enable buttons again. 


If I click on Uninstall then that button disappears and just the Enable button remains. Clicking on the Enable button then makes so buttons that say Update and Open appear for only a Split Second. If I try to very quickly press the Update button before it disappears it starts to do an update. BUT when the update finishes the same thing that I mentioned above starts all over again.


I've restarted my phone more than once. 

And after doing research and hearing about various kinds of problems with Samsung updates that recommended ***** a Clear Partition Cache, but that did not help. 


And I have done a Factory Reset! in the hopes of resolving this issue. But that did not work! Samsung automatically re-installed my apps and phone settings for me and I guess whatever "bug" is causing this problem got reinstalled as well. 


The Kindle app is one of my most used apps, and I want to read the books that I paid for with it, so this is driving me crazy. I would really love to find a way to resolve this issue. 

Try to reset the app preferences from the settings menu and apps, three dots on the top right.
Hi. thank you but as I stated before, the Kindle app does not show as being anywhere on my phone, including the Settings area. Therefore it is impossible to reset the app preferences for it.
that will reset app preferences for all apps if not ring the tech support line 03307267864 and ask for a remote management session they will look further into it for yourself.
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