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Update for older devices that didnt receive android 9 ejven though the *****ty j3 2017 got it!!


To all the people who have older devices that CAN handle the android 9 (mainly S7 and a5 20l17) lets make samsung hear us we need to make an uproar about this matter because the awful, slow, laggy J3 2017 received the android 9 which is totally unacceptable we need to make samsung hear us. So I urge everyone who don't want to spend alot of money on these new phones, the people who are on a low budget, and to the people who believe is is essential for a phone manufacturer to atleast send us one last update to our phones to spread this message and sign petitions as much as you can. Trust me the more people do it the more Samsung will feel pressured into getting us that sweet android 9. 


Thank you.

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