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(Topic created on: 08-03-2018 06:43 PM)
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Its time Samsung told us the truth.

Come on Ants scrap the coporate nonesense and tell us all the bloody truth.  When will we get 8.0. Furthermore when will we get 8.1?  What will be the next security update and when will we get that?  Someone needs to start banging heads together and have 24/7 working on this now or has over money gone for nothing??

Please all mail and msg all you know to bombard Samsung till they talk to us like Adults who pay them lots of money.


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Superuser II
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Id love also go have Oreo on my unbranded s8 but I want it stable and as bug free as possible. 

Thats not the case as far as I've read which is why its rollout has been halted. 


My phone is very stable on Nougat right now and for me personally Oreo does not bring that much to the table to affect that. 


Id be more miffed if I updated and my phone suffered. 


I pay full retail price for my Samsung phones so I want supporting asap too.


More importantly to me I would like more regular Security Patches. 


In the UK its always been the same in regards to firmware rollouts. 


Neither the Networks or Manufacturer will comment which is possibly due to if the dates slip etc. 


I wont speak for Ant but I'm sure he's either not in the loop to be told or constricted by Need to Know rules. 


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I don't know about banging heads together. Fire them, they are going to repeat this with every Beta programme so samsung should get rid of them and listen to their paying customers instead of releasing a new phone first.

I won't be upgrading but most likely will buy Apple instead. This whole beta programme is a waste of time. They don't offer any support and just looking at the Beta forums it's apparent people are becoming increasingly agitated and annoyed by the lack of communication from Samsung UK.

If yoy buy premium you should get that level of customer service instead of the 'don't know brigade'. Buck up your ideas Samsung, quick.