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Unlock region Samsung Galaxy S8 Japan

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Hello everyone,


I am trying to find a solution to my problem: I have bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 while I was living in Thailand. It was bought sim lock free from a Samsung shop. I have used it with a Thailand carrier for months. I recently moved to Japan for work, and brought my phone with me thinking I could be using it with a Japanese carrier sim card.


Last week I have made a contract with a Japanese carrier (AU), and when I put their SIM card in my phone, the 4G works, but I cannot make nor receive any phone calls. Instead of the carrier's name on the top left of my screen, I get "Emergency calls only"


The shop staff have tried many things, among other modifying the APN settings, etc., all of this with the help of their technical support, and they could not find a solution.


Does someone have a solution for this? I have been looking online, and saw some people suggesting using a SIM card for a certain amount of time while making a phone call (5 minutes or so), but I am not sure how I could do that since the Japanese SIM card does not allow me to make phone calls, and my Thai SIM card does not work anymore since I have stopped my contract there.


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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The only alternative way for Samsung is to send a request to Samsung HQ (In Korea) for an unlock code (Your phone should prompt for that). Your local Samsung could do that.

No idea if the europian Samsung can do this for non-europian devices, but its worth a try ;) Just one small disclaimer: Sending such a request to samsung HQ takes quite long (Approx 1 month) and is definitely not a quick solution (More like a last resort).


Alternatively it might be worth checking out if your phone supports the same freqencies are used by your japanese operation, its hard to believe that your phone isn't unlocked already because it was in use for that long (It can happen if you make short calls, but its extremely rare). If the antenna in your Samsung does not support the same frequencies as your operation, let say that you are out of luck in that rare (but possible) scenario.

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Hi SjorsK,


Thank you for the answer. My phone does not prompt for an unlock code. I will try to contact the European support, because I am not sure the HQ in Korea easily communicates in English, so it might be easier.


 The other issue is that there are no Samsung shops whatsoever in Kyushu (where I am) or I would've gone there first thing.


I have also heard about the antenna thing, and I think it is a possibility, but if the antenna does not support the same frequencies, isn't the 4G not supposed to work as well in that case?

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