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Uninstall latest J3 2016 software

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I have recently uploaded the latest software on my J3 2016 and I hate the look of my phone. Is there any easy fix to go back to the previous software. Although my tech knowledge is ok, I'm not a whizz at it. Thanks


Hi @LAH919.


It's not possible to revert back to the previous software version we're afraid. What are you not liking about the latest update?


Hi Chris

It's the look of the screens. Big icons and I can't reduce them or get rid of the ones that I don't want. I just want phone, messages, camera, gallery and settings, as small icons as they were before. I can then see my chosen wallpaper photo

Please see photos attached 





This is the worst update battery drain I ever seen. I'm going to reset my phone just to get it off. Everything is messed up. I got a j3 achieve you press messages and omg its half screen with half of it in big letters saying Messages!! Its white background on everything. Its like an old version of xp or vista. You always ask what dont we like. We liked the older style. This one changed everything brightens battery drain, apps are refusing to cast and if they are casted to a tv it disconnects, the wifi cuts off by itself, without notice, and reports of crashing, uses too much memory,  weather updates are not updated, it gives a different country, optimization doesnt help, too many notifications of no cut off on badges of random data alerts, error alerts that cant be turned off, loses signal all the time, says its roaming on LTE.. disaster!!

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