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Did anyone catch the Unboxing live stream? We've been beside ourselves for weeks in the office.


How excited are you about the S8/ S8+? What's your favourite new feature?


Let us know what you think in this thread, we love feedback!


I would take it with a "pinch of salt" it could just have been disabled mate, I have seen it used on a few videos now, good thing is you have 14 days once you have received the phone to return it under the distance of sales act if it does not.


It makes no sense to disable a key feature in the build up to release, and it was a Samsung assistant who checked the feature instore.


More to the point, no Mod has come on to contradict my statement.


I'mnot tying myself into a contract when I might have to go through the rigmarole of cancelling it on a return.


Just not worth it.


Fair enough fella not going to argue over a feature that I can not prove but in fairness to a MOD it is Sunday and they would have to check before commenting. Have a marvellous day and hope you find a phone you like :smiling-face: 


Hi @HoraceWimp and @iainmonty. To reassure you, the S8 definitely does have the full edge apps facility. Like Bades1978 indicated, the store will have had the phone in demo/retail mode, which will limit what it does.

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Superuser I

Woot mines due tomorrow! (19th) Just finished making sure photo's have been backed up to SD and ready to connect my S7 to the S8+ on start up to do the transfer of finger prints / text / passwords and such over the cable :smiling-face: and fit it in to the otterbox for safe keeping. Let's hope its a early deliery See you soon!




Hi, any one know when we will get our phones, pre-ordered mine on 8th was under impression they where being delivered on 20th, but had no confirmation or my order status hadn't been updated.


There is "Edge screen" in the Display section of Settings. There are options for Edge panels and Edge lighting. Like a lot of options the S8/S8+ ship with a default of "off". They won't work unless you turn them on.

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Don't no how to start a post.  But does anyone no how to stop the changing beep noise when charger not even plugged in .


I think you're talking about notifications. You can either stop these or turn your volume to off.  You'll find your notifications under Settings

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