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Unable to recieve voice calls and SMS galaxy s8 +

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So today it was pointed out that someone couldn't ring me. I thought it was their phone and checked. Then had a look at mine. Then thought try send a text of their phone. Nothing on my end. 


On the other persons phone it dials then just cuts off. No voicemail. Nothing. Just ends. I've tried restaring it, checked call forwarding, checked call barring. Nothing has worked. Has anybody got any tips to sort this? I'm at a loss. At the point of trying a factory reset to see if that helps. 


Thinking maybe an update has caused it but looking online people have had this issues before. Also saw that having a SIM from an iPhone can cause this. My SIM is NOT from an iPhone. It was a new SIM card when I got the phone. 




Silly question, but you have told your service provider to enable the SIM. I know when I receive a new SIM I have to contact 02 (my provider) to enable the SIM - they'll need the details printed on the SIM itself.





Before you do a FDR, check with you network provider. and if they say everything is fine on their side ask for a replacement sim card (they may be reluctant but just be persistent) . This worked for me
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