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Ultra Power saving Mode (S7, S8, S9)

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I am having a problem with the Ultra Power saving mode:

I would like to add another App which is not in the list of allowed apps. It is a MP3 Player.

How can Samsung not allow a simply, not much battery draining app, NOT allow to be included?
Even more: How can Youtube be considered essential enough it is included as default despite it using background data, bandwidth and keeps the screen on!!!???

Anybody can suggest a way to add my favorite MP3 player app in Ultra Power saving mode WITHOUT rooting the phone? (Mort player)


Bonus Question:
Some setting make also sense and I would like to use them in the standard mode:
I do not need most animation and high processor power. How can I stop/ reduce these in normal mode?




Hi @marwerno. Ultra Power Saving Mode is there to save battery power in extreme circumstances, and thus, the reason apps such as MP3 players, cannot be used. 


Hi Carl,

thanks for the quick reply. But I believe the logic is flawed and already not really followed:
How would one in "extreme circumstances" want to watch Youtube or make a Video conference call? (Skype and Youtube are allowed).

For me a extreme circumstance would be stranded at an Airport (inside the plane after landing) or, worse, remote location witout chance of charging/ no charger.

In this case I would want to listen to MP3s (offline) otherwise it would be deadly boring and still having enough charge left at the end to call my family.

Happened plenty of time to me before and just going to Airplane mode already allows for a great extension of the playtime.  Ultra Power saving mode with MP3 allowed would have already given me plenty of less boring hours in the past.

Please consider leaving this choive what to include and what not (if need be with a "word of warning" pop-up) to the actual user. There might be many other unconsiderred use cases.

For example: I also can't see my offline maps app on this list. Could be a life saver in the middle of a dessert (I drove trough several for a total of 3 months on my bicycle).


Thanks for listening.

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Of course, no reply! 


Exactly. Of course, no reply. On the positive their phones fold up now. I was right that their phones couldnt possibly be worse than Peaches but only concerning getting data on and off. As to the rest, well after working on porcelain phones for the last cycle, their phones finally fold up now. Customers have long been waiting for it, just like they have been screaming for all data only be movable via someone else's slow working clouds. They dont ever want to use their phone properly while being offline or when being forced into a bad or no reception. They don't ever want simple, obvious, human things such as control over which app to run and thereby control over battery life. Instead they want to have 20 different notification settings for each App that have to individually be turned off for each, preferably after each update. It's all root.

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