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turn off Two-Step Verification

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few days ago I changed password for my second account on SG9. After change, system want from me in 2nd step  code which was generated in procedure of creation account. Not code form SMS or email - I have access to phone and email. I dont remeber codes because I created account many years ago, when I use SG2. An now, after few years, I cant log in to my account because of codes. How can I turn off Two-Step Verification withot logging to account ? Is there special support addres where can I send ask for turn off 2 step verification ? Really only one way is factory reset phone and creating new account ? Especially when I have access to emial and phone (SMS). Why Two-Step Verification ask me for code form list and not from SMS or email ?

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I am having the same problem wih my S6 device.
I have contacted Samsung Support i Denmark 3 times - I am not content because they ask me to reset the phone (which is only possible by a hard reset, beacause you cant't log in to the Samsung account) - but well I did the hard reset.

When I contacted Samsung again and they said the same, I tride to explain, that I wanted help to get rid of the two factor verification on the phone, and if they please hel me, they just stopped answering (both at the chat-support and at the "ticket support")
- Samsung HAS to do better than that
- AND notify us, when there is a fix.
I will soon buy a new phone, but I don't dare to by a Samsung right now.

I was facing the same problem, Now I want to share the solution by which my problem is solved in Pakistan. Follow the following steps


Step 1: log in to register your query at


Step 2: They will ask you to provide the following information,

If the issue persists, kindly contact us with a screenshot of the issue and the below info:

Provide all the above information using the same link I have provided above.

Note: No reply to the email will be accepted.


Step 3: They will reply and take time of 4-6 days. (Be Patient)

Step 4: They will turn off the two-step verification now you can sign in. Samsung reply is shown below

As requested, our engineers have deactivated the 2 step verification.

They also remind you to be sure to reactivate the 2 Step verification due to it being mandatory.



I hope it will help you guys. Remember me in your prayers. 

I believe this is bull***** , because another person posted the same stupid link which I believe is a phishing sort of links, as always give me a report of bad link or too big to open



BE CAREFUL guUYS< dont open the link and report whoever post it as it's not working and they insist on reposting the same thing

Hi BoeingMan,

The link is actually good. It's the same link I posted for you in a different thread but for some reason it's returning an error when used on my laptop but works fine from my tablet. Unsure why this is happening but I can assure you the link is valid. Please refrain from asking people to report him for trying to help!


If you mean the  link, it is fine and goes to a real page. 

Hi all.


We can confirm that the link provided is a valid link to a Samsung help page and will give you the option to request that the two step verification process is turned off.


Hope this helps!

Thanks for the update

Thanks for the confirmation

Thanks for the headsup 

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