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turn off Two-Step Verification

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few days ago I changed password for my second account on SG9. After change, system want from me in 2nd step  code which was generated in procedure of creation account. Not code form SMS or email - I have access to phone and email. I dont remeber codes because I created account many years ago, when I use SG2. An now, after few years, I cant log in to my account because of codes. How can I turn off Two-Step Verification withot logging to account ? Is there special support addres where can I send ask for turn off 2 step verification ? Really only one way is factory reset phone and creating new account ? Especially when I have access to emial and phone (SMS). Why Two-Step Verification ask me for code form list and not from SMS or email ?

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Baysider you did a great job. It works. Congrats

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