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turn off Two-Step Verification

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few days ago I changed password for my second account on SG9. After change, system want from me in 2nd step  code which was generated in procedure of creation account. Not code form SMS or email - I have access to phone and email. I dont remeber codes because I created account many years ago, when I use SG2. An now, after few years, I cant log in to my account because of codes. How can I turn off Two-Step Verification withot logging to account ? Is there special support addres where can I send ask for turn off 2 step verification ? Really only one way is factory reset phone and creating new account ? Especially when I have access to emial and phone (SMS). Why Two-Step Verification ask me for code form list and not from SMS or email ?

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mee too. They sent me the same email and told to wait till the concerned department would call or contact me. But they havent yet.


I wish they make DISLIKE option available to give your feedback on dumb answers


hello man i have the same problem could you solve it yet


Update (25/04/20):

Samsung finally got to disable 2-Step verification process for my Samsung Account. If you want to completely get rid of that process, you have to navigate to this website, create a support ticket and kindly ask them to remove it for you.

Your request ticket must include your:
 Full name,
 Address (if there's one connected to the account),
• Phone number,
• Device model,
Serial number,

That was the only way I could get past the verification process. That was their response (translated):


Following our communication, we would like to inform you that your issue must have been resolved. The 2 step verification code works on devices that have Samsung Account Version 2.2.03-49 and later ones. You can check by following these steps: Settings> Applications> Three dots top right> Show system apps> Samsung Account.
Check if the operating system is 7.0 or later. 
Also, please check if you have the latest software version available on your device (Settings> About device> Software Info> Android version).



this is what the link says after trying to access


Request Entity Too Large

The requested resource
does not allow request data with GET requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.


 I am having the same problem. Verification code doesn't work. I try it multiple times and then it times out for who knows how long.


This is an extremely short sighted STUPID feature for Samsung to implement. Think about it, Samsung customers now can't use their devices.


What do they do? I just bought the competition. My phone is now an Apple iPhone,  my tablet is now an Apple iPad.


Just keep doing the stupid thing they are doing and very soon people will migrate to Apple's iPhone or other Android devices.


Thank you, Samsung.


That seemed like an internal server error (Request Entity Too Large). That server issue has now been fixed. You should be able to navigate without errors.


Not fixed.  I login in with my email address and password, and it then sends me a 6-digit code for 2-step verification. When I type in the code and click verify, it loops and asks for the code again.  This continues even if I request a new code. Eventually it says I have made too many attempts and to try again later. 


Not fixed,


Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.


This is exactly what is going on, it keep looping and resend another code and so on till you get MADE TOO MANY ATTEMPTS..etc


This is just plain weirdness by SAM*****SUNG

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