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turn off Two-Step Verification

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few days ago I changed password for my second account on SG9. After change, system want from me in 2nd step  code which was generated in procedure of creation account. Not code form SMS or email - I have access to phone and email. I dont remeber codes because I created account many years ago, when I use SG2. An now, after few years, I cant log in to my account because of codes. How can I turn off Two-Step Verification withot logging to account ? Is there special support addres where can I send ask for turn off 2 step verification ? Really only one way is factory reset phone and creating new account ? Especially when I have access to emial and phone (SMS). Why Two-Step Verification ask me for code form list and not from SMS or email ?

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So, today I asked for assistance on UK's Samsung Support regarding that issue and on Tuesday I'm going to get in touch with the Samsung Accounts department in order to examine what's happening with more details. They'll have a full report of the issue, and hopefully they'll get to fix it as soon as possible!

Quick update:
I contacted UK's Samsung Support earlier today and it seems that two-step verification can't be changed and that is, the software will eventually receive a fix in the near future. An agent informed me that the issue has now been logged and reported. Due to current circumstance and high usage the servers are extremely busy. The issue will hopefully be fixed with a server-side update on Samsung's cloud services very soon!

Answer from Russia CS:

Two-Step Verification is not supported by Android below 7.1 version

Mine is 7.0 on S6 


And Russia CS can help me disable 2StepV after i send them some personal and account info. 







I've had this exact issue. I had my ticket responded to and after sending detailed screenshots highlighting these bugs in the verification process their course of action was to tell me that I'm an Australian customer so they don't need to support me. Then closed the ticket. Real slick.

Wow, I didn't even know that the reason they made two-step mandatory was because of a data breach...

I have the exact same problem on my Galaxy 6 Edge. I login in with my email address and password, and it then sends me a 6-digit code for 2-step verification. There is no problem with the phone number as I receive the text message with the code instantly. When I type in the code and click verify, it loops and asks for the code again.  This continues even if I request a new code. Eventually it says I have made too many attempts and to try again later. 

How will they notify us when it is fixed?

Update: I've received the following information from Australian support. I asked to remove the verification feature until they've fixed the ***** bugs.


If you cannot turn off the Two-step verification of your Samsung Account, please contact us (at the link provided below) with the following information:


- First Name:
- Last Name:
- Date of Birth:

- Previous Phone Number:

- Address:
- IMEI and Serial number of the device:
- Samsung Account ID (Email address):
- Your written permission to turn off the feature:


In order for you to forward the necessary details, please go to, scroll to the bottom of the page, select Contact us and fill in the fields.

Just exactly the same problem 😞 I don't know what to do

Yes the same has happened with me. Pls help. When i enter otp it shows signing in but doesnt sign in. In pc on it signs in.

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