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Trapped Two-Step Verification


I have activated my Two-Step Verification security option on the samsung account website, I received sms on my mobile number, I used it to activate the Two-Step Verification, now my Two-Step Verification option is on.


When I signed in my SAMSUNG account on my mobile, and requesting the Two-Step Verification code, I don't receive any code, tried that from samsung accounts website, the same thing happened, I can generate backup codes, which won't work with the phone, Now I am trying to turn off the Two-Step Verification option, but I don't know how.


Long story short, I am trapped with the security layer I wanted to protect myself with.


Please I need your help 


Umm that would make sense if I didn't have 2FA functioning for many months until March ! 

I was in the same boat with my old tablet. Samsung introduced this new feature and it wouldn't work because i was running android 7.0. I asked them to turn it off and now everything is working fine. See my previous posts for the link to use to contact samsung

Hi all,
I have just managed a workaround on my Samsung phone (which has Android 7.0). 
Go to your Samsung account on PC. Go to the Security pane, and click where it says "Two Step Verification - ON". A pop up will ask for your accoutn password. The new page has a pane labelled "Password and Security" and at the bottom it has "Two-step Verification" and a right arrow link.  Click the arrow and a "Two-step Verification" screen opens. Go to "Backup codes" and click the right arrow link. A page with 5 codes opens - record or print these. Now return to your phone and log in to your Samsung Account. The Two-step Verification screen opens and you receive a 6-digit code by SMS. DO NOT USE THIS CODE as it will just loop around. Instead enter any random 6 digits. Now a red "incorrect code" message appears and you get a different screen with a "use backup code" option at the bottom. Select this and then enter one of you 5 backup codes on the next screen. Presto, you are in !! 

What happens when you've used all your back up codes?

Don't log out of Samsung on the phone, or check the box that says something like don't ask for a code again. 

If you use a cookie cleaner then you'll find out what a pain it is to have to generate back up codes all the time.

@gixerob wrote:
What happens when you've used all your back up codes?

then you cant get in any more (but if you goto the samsung account page you can reset the backup codes to get New ones) but you should not be using the backup codes to constalty get into your account use OTP below


goto your samsung account on a PC and setup the auth codes (use Authy App form google play to store the OTP codes) and that will give you a new code every 30 seconds (enable fingerprint option inside Authy and enable backup and Write the backup password down so when you get a new phone or if you have 2 phones they will be kept in sync with each other)


if your trying to get the code on the same phone just press home and open Authy copy the code and then press the task switcher button (the Square with maybe 3 lines in it bottom right or left depending if you switced it around) to get back to the page asking for the code

Finally, My 2 steps verification problem is solved,


Now I am back to my samsung account on my mobile without being asked to use the 2 steps verification method.


Thanks to all of you guys and your support, 


here is how it worked out for me


If your samsung running anything less than android 8, you'll have the loop trouble with your 2 steps verification step.


For some smart reason or move by samsung, their new security layer doesn't support andriod earlier than andriod 8.


I'll understand if samsung would like to upgrade my samsung from 6.0 to 8.0 or better yet to replace my J2 prime with S11 :winking-face:


Anywho., if your android is 7.0 and lower, you'll need to go to the samsung account page using your phone, login, then scroll all the way down to the buttom of the page and click contact uss, 


This should show you Home, FAQ and 1 : 1 Enquiry


now that's what you want, one on one Enquiry, you'll find inside, contact us, my questions, contact numbers


just in case you wanna talk to them on the phone


you choose contact us, choose service, in this case will be Samsung account


follow the steps, and fill all required info with care, make sure all items filled correctly


now at the buttom with the Subject and the details,


type as much usefull information as you can, it'll help them help you


all you need to ask them that to Turn Off The 2 Steps Verifications,


Normally they'll get it done within 3 working days, or this is at least what happened with me.


Hope all will go smoothly with anybody having troubles with this security layer like myself


NOTE to SAMSUNG: Please either support earlier Andriod versions, OR disable this options from appearing on Andriod earlier versions, you'll buy yourself tons of times and save the same for end users. 


Have a nice day All 

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This took me a while to solve. I even called Samsung Support and while they were very friendly and supportive, they were not able to resolve my issue. I actually found it by accident by changing my search criteria.


Anyway, here is the fix:


Go to Settings


Select Lock Settings


Go into Select Lock Settings


Make sure to DE-SELECT






This function blocks the Samsung 2 Factor Authentication codes.


I know the time spent resolving this whole thing is ridiculous but that's what I did to solve my issue - thanks to another user who is absolutely brilliant!!!



Hey everyone. The Authy App solution posted by @leexgx  3 weeks ago works perfectly. The app can be found here: 
Here's a screenshot of the solution @leexgx  provided.  

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