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transfer samsung notes and voice notes

(Topic created on: 15-06-2020 09:10 PM)



My first time on here.

havebeen trying for a while with this

I want to transfer from S8 Samsung Notes all of my 78 notes, some are just text, some are voice recordings.


i need to transfer to my external hard drive only.


Getting desperate


Thnak you

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Daniel Dang
First Poster

Putting it out there for those who need.


One slow and manual way is to open a file manager app (My Files, etc.) and Samsung Notes, with the note that contains the audio you want to extract.

Then long click on the audio file with one finger, use another finger to switch to the file manager app, then drop the file into the file app. Now you should have the audio file saved onto your device.


Another way is to extract your notes as SDOCX and convert it using VLC media player. I'll leave a link to that thread here: 

Tips for using VLC to convert:

  • Turn off Loop mode if it's on.
  • Open VLC, go to Media > Convert/Save...
  • Add the SDOCX File you want to convert (remember to select show all files on the right to File Name).
  • Create a new folder and start converting into that folder.
  • Here is the hard part: if you have multiple audio files, everytime VLC is done converting one file it will ask you to overwrite. Change the file name first, then choose Overwrite until the audio file you need is converted. Change the extension name of the file as needed. Repeat until all the audio files are converted.


Made an account just to write this, I don't know if I'll even see if anyone ask me but I'll try my best  if you have any questions lol.