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Transfer files

(Topic created on: 25-08-2022 09:01 PM)
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I've got an A10 Galaxy and I've bought an A13. I'd like to ask you how can I transfer my apps from my old device to the new one. I know this is done via the Smart Switch app. But before I start I'd like to ask you a few questions:

1)Do I have to remove the sim card and insert it into the new device before the transfer begins? If I have to do that will the old device work since there will be no sim in it? Or should there be a sim card in both devices before the transfer begins?

2)Using my Samsung Notes app I have made some notes. Is it possible to transfer these notes to my new device?

3)In Calendar app I have made some reminders to remind me of certain events on certain dates. Is it possible to transfer these reminders?

4)How can I transfer my WhatsApp app with all the CHATS and messages it contains to the new device?

5)How can I transfer the Contacts?


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Hi good day. Hope I can help!
1. It doesnt matter if they have sims inserted or none. What is important is to connect both phones in the same wifi network. There are 2 ways to transfer right? with wireless, its going to ask you to connect both phones in the same wifi. (Which what i usually do coz.. no wires!) Other is the cable option.. its faster but still needs both phones to be connected in the same wifi.
2. You will see and have a chance in the beginning to see everything you want and can transfer and what you cannot. You can transfer Samsung notes no problem.
3. As i mentioned, there are some things you cannot transfer. Calendar is one of it. You have to back up your events and reminders to an email and then to restore in your new device.. i suggest just use your samsung account for this.
4. Same with calendar, just back up, then restore to new device.
5. Contacts can be transferred with switch.

PS. Every answer I gave you is based on my experience. I buy and sell phones and I transfer files using Samsung Switch eveytime i have a new phone to test. Anyway, hope i cleared things up! Happy switching! :smiling-face:
Big Cheese
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I suggest that you connect to your Samsung Account and back up everything to the cloud. 

What's app messages (except media I think) can be backed up to Google Drive.


Your photos and videos can be backed up to Google photos (may reduce the quality depending upon the space that you have in Google photos) or you could copy everything to a folder on your laptop/PC.

Avoid using smart switch, it can lead to issues. 

After you turn on your new device, log in to Google and Samsung Accounts and restore data from Settings. You do not need to have the sim card in the new phone immediately. Copy your photos /documents from the service/device that you backed up to.

In Galaxy Store and  Google Play store you will find all the apps, which you can install on your new phone.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the advice. I much appreciate it.