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tizen os / harmony os


Huawei just announced Harmony Os for phones. Is Samsung planning to bring tizen os back. I want an os from samsung

Superuser I
Superuser I
In some countries there are tizen based Smartphones.

And All the New watches from Samsung Started by the galaxy gear s are also tizen Devices.
But momentary there is no need for Samsung to bring out tizen Devices in Europe or the USA.

Huawei doesn't really have an choice in this, since the trade ban for China is active
i know that tizen is used on watches and tvs. Samsung is one of the biggest companies and uses their os only on watches why. it would be nice if there is tizen android ios and harmony os.
sry for my bad english
The Problem is the compatibility to the greatest os on market.
There are simply to low numbers of app programmers that want to Programm for iOS, Android AND other platforms.
WhatsApp for example is not working on tizen until fb says ok we programm for tizen too
but they can use the same program language as android or not
No because tizen is not Linux based. Android is Linux based OS.
There is a Support for Android Apps But they all need the correct program interface implemented ^^
is harmony os based on linux ?
No harmony os is also its own distinct product

Okay But i found out that tizen has an Linux Kernel based System
But a little bit other Kernel than Android.
There is still the Problem that Android Apps need the correct interface for working on tizen. Play store actualy doesent work on tizen at All
Here is a little explanation
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