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Thin pink/red line on the right of my S7 edge just appeared overnight

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Phone is now out of warranty and I am reading that the phone will need repairs? has anyone had to do this and what sort of cost or is there a cure for it

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Found my answer and it worked from a post a few weeks ago answered by Band of Brothers.


"There is a setting that you can invoke coloured panels to try and take the pink line away.

"Go to phone and dial *#0*#

Opens a test interface. Click between red green and blue until the line goes away. Found this tip after a lot of searching and it works"

If it does not work then the screen needs replacing."


Hey @kiwimick! Is your phone screen cracked or smashed at all? Let's run a service test on your phone. Type *#0*# into the dial pad and try the Red, Green, Blue and Black tests. Does the line appear during these?


If so, you'll need an engineer's inspection. I'm unable to provide a quote on any repair costs here, however our engineers will speak with you about it after they have inspected the phone and before any repair work is carried out. This can either be done via a courier collection, or a Support Centre.


For your nearest Support Centre, head to: is there one nearby? If you would prefer a courier collection, please contact our Customer Support Centre on: 0330 726 7864, Monday to Saturday | 9am to 6pm. Hope this helps! :smileyhappy:

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To get rid of the pink line turn off your blue light filter

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