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The Suggestions & Ideas Thread


Hi all! :smileyhappy:


If you have any suggestions for features or apps, then please share them with us here.

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@ConcreteLlama: I've found the developers to be very literal and sparse/efficient in their wording to us, so from the wording of their response, I'd say it's unlikely to be extended to existing products. But they did like the general concept, so you never know, it might be. Assuming there aren't hardware/design concept limitations in those cases, of course.


@V_J:  I've checked, and the developers haven't replied to our pitch for your suggestion as of yet. But I'm going to see if I can get someone to do some poking around at their end.

 Say "Hello!" to the Community in The Introduce Yourself Thread.


On the watch i think the swimming app needs a little more work, setting the distance laps you need more 99 is not enough for a long distance when you swim 3 miles in a 25mtr pool its 198 laps! Also there should be 4 time or distance stored not just one, plus a vib on every 1/4 the total distance so you can tell how far you got without having to look. No gps out door swimmimg app yet? 

My suggestion:
Launch a tablet with an EDGE screen and 8-12GB of RAM. This would look outstanding and would be perfect for gamers and all kinds of users! Cannot believe this has not been launched already!

Galaxy Watch: PC Software like FITBIT. Chest strap support. Myfitness pal support.

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Hi, i'd like to see the rowing activity, which is already available on Samsung health, to be a trackable activity on the watch, with GPS tracking?

I'm an outdoor rower and currently my training sessions on the water get tracked as a 'Rowing Machine' activity with no GPS tracking. 


Was there a reason this was left out on the watch?


Kind regards



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any chance of linking with alexa as i would love to be able to use none voice  comands and not have to get my phone out all the time 




I have some suggestions for Samsung Health app.

  1. Allow sharing of food items and meals with another user (for example, my wife and I will eat the same meal for dinner, so if one of us adds it to our meal, they can share it with the other - who can then adjust portion if required).
  2. Include ability to plan meals for the coming week.
    • This would show calorie count for each meal and day and show available calorie 'balance' based on a set target.
    • This could be used to create a shopping list of ingredients for planned meals.
  3. Barcode scanner to add food items.
  4. For the 'weight management' module. Seeing one is over their calorie target first thing in the morning is a very negative way to start the day. There needs to be another needle/visualisation showing where one is expected to end up by the end of the day if no further calories consumed and on estimated 'at rest' burned calories.

Thanks for reading.

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On the Galaxy watch, it would be good to be able to log any of the exercises from Samsung Health via the watch as the exercises I log most are only on Samsung Health and not visible on my watch and so also don't show in the workouts section on my watch.

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This is my wishlist for navigation of the phone


The new navigation bar will be combined into one slim bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. Inside this bar is three smaller bars. The three smaller bars dont serve any function and are just there as a visual reminder

Swipe right and scroll back and forth in one motion (without lifting your finger) = scroll between all recent open apps (to open the one you highlighted while scrolling just swipe up while your finger is still on the screen from the previous step)(to close a highlighted app firmly press down on the screen)

Swipe left and scroll back and forth in one motion (without lifting your finger)=scroll between all recent favorited apps (apps that never refresh because of ram issues)(only a certain number of apps can be saved in here may cause all other apps to have higher refresh rates)(to open the one you have highlighted simply swipe up without lifting your finger from the previous step)(to close the one you have highlighted just simply press firmly on the screen to close it)

Touching the bar and holding down on it (not firmly pressing the screen)=control the transparency settings for on screen app to set how see through it is to the home wallpaper

Quick swipe left or right=back function

Quick swipe on either bottom side of the screen on either side of the bar outside the actual bar itself=open all apps tray from any screen

Long swipe on either bottom side of the screen on either side of the bar outside the actual bar itself=classic recents app tray function

Quick swipe from the corner=resize screen for one handed mode

Voice assistant=firmly press down on the bar to activate voice assistant


But i would like the full screen as pressure sensitive for previewing links to webpages. So that way i dont have to open them before clicking on them.Swipe up at 45 degree angle from the bar to go back to the last used app


Swipe up at a 45 degree angle from the bar and scroll back and forth at a 45 degree angle to close all apps (ones in the recent favorited apps and, all other recent apps)


As stated above, if you slowly scroll in one direction on the touch bar it will be similar to that of the iphone as where it switches app in a full page mode one by one. This would not interfere as if you quickly swiped to the side it would be a back function and if you wiggle the touch bar back and forth really quick it will start either the recent favorites apps or the all other apps function where you can then scroll more slowly to scroll between them and use all other function with this modeThe new working of the edge panel and notification quick panel (as described in some of my other post) will be described below


Quick swipe from either side of the screen=notifications panel


Long swipe from either side of the screen=edge panel


 As stated this new design will make it so you dont have to setup the phone for which hand you are using. You could just pick it up and use it no matter which hand it is in


At the corner of the screen scrolling outward from the corner then back and forth at a 45 degree angle could be used for screen brightness quick settings


The opposite could also be true starting at the corner then swiping up and back and forth at a 45 degree angle could control volume.


While just simply swiping up from the corner would still function as screen resizer for one handed uses


And swiping down into the corner could be used for some other setting


While swiping over the corner from one side of the screen to another could also be used for something else


 Maybe one for opening the dial pad and a finder to search contacts, and one for messages app



While you could also use one for settings which could be something like swiping the other way over the corner from one side of the screen to the other


The swipe up from the bar at a 45 degree angle would be very useful because it would get around scrolling between apps or flipping through your apps in orderLong swipe up from the bottom of the screen and scroll up and down to use multitasking (goes in order the first two apps, then the next two apps)


Long swipe and scroll side to side to use the other feature of multitasking (gives you different combinations instead of going in order of first two apps then the next two)


 This would be a must i find it pesky to have to go into the app tray and click a button then find the other app i want to use with this feature


Well i figured out a way around the fact that apple will always have two additional features.


 Basically when your in any app it could be app specific gestures


 Take samsung internet for example


 Quick swipe=change between open tabs


Long swipe=idk change between light and dark mode, or some other feature that doesnt even exist yet


 So you know how apple has the back feature, well if you dont what it does on apple is you basically quick swipe anywhere on the screen outside the gesture bar and the page will go back.


 Thats what this will do quick swipe or long swipe anywhere outside the touch bar gesture area or gesture area at the bottom of the screen and you will get app specific gesture shortcuts


And finally the last little pesky thing would be pop up view for any app.


 This would have to be used with a gesture combined with the recent favorited apps and all other recent apps trays.


 So when you look back at what i said and carefully read this wishlist youll see that you can combine a 45 degree swipe up motion with the all recent apps function and the favorited recent apps function.


 And this would not interfere with the other 45 degree gesture motions from the touch bar because those ones are stated from a stationary start position 


 Basically how some of this stuff will work is onces the gesture realize your finger has changed direction


 And finally and truthfully this wishlist is complete and yes i know it is massive, enormous, and very intuitive at the same time


 But i feel this would be a good option, people do not have to use it if they dont want too


The new notifications panel should be updated to look different. So basically its going to seperate it up a little bit


Pulling down once will show transparent black boxes that are your notifications. Each notification is in its own box. You can then easily scroll up and down your notifications panels just by swiping up.


Quick swipide to the side (either way) (quick swipe is best for this feature because some notifications have a long swipe method) while in the notifications menu will take you to the quick settings menu.


With this you can repeatedly swipe to side and go from notifications to quick settings to notifications and back again. The new transparent quick settings box well have to implement a long swipe function to change the page while in the quick settings menu.


The settings and search function of the current notification menu could be implemented in a way that (finder and full settings shortcut) it is a floating transparent menu at the bottom of the screen, so no matter how much you scroll itll always be there


To exit either menu while either one is active quick swipe up any where on the screen


when you opened the edge panel there would be this icon that lets you see all your edge panels on one screen without going through them individually.


Could you please incorporate gestures instead


Swipe up=show all edge panels on one screen

Swipe right=close edge panel

Swipe left=move to next edge panel

Swipe up on any edge panel=settings


This would be more ideal as then you wouldnt have to reach to far side of the screen because it may be hard for some users


Please consider these impromvements for the future of the Spen


-two pressure senstive capacitive touch button on the new s pen

-the clicker on the spen turns on the camera on the spen

-optical scanner for finger print verification built into each of the buttons

-motion sensor

-improved distance

-better battery




So here i will give an example of using samsung internet from across the room with the new improved spen.


Button 1-drag your finger over the top of this button to move the mouse pointer

Button 2- scroll up and down on button two to move scroll the page up and down

Button 1-tap button one to click on things

Button 2-tap button two to right click on things

Button 1-hard press to activate highlight mode the swipe along the touch pad to control what is highlighted.

Buttin 2- swipe side to side to switch quickly between open tabs

Button 2-hard press to go home

Shake-shake the spen to show all open apps which you can then use your two buttons to use (swipe side to side to scroll between apps and swipe up and down to discard or open an app)

Lock the device-place your finger on button one and just leave it there

Unlock the device-place your finger on button two and just leave it there


Keyboard-when the onscreen keyboard appears you can use your spen to use it.  -  -   -Scroll in any direction on button one to move which key is highlight and tap button one to select

-use button two with the keyboard the move the cursor. Tap button two to sitch between character symbols and the regular keyboard

-swipe down on button two to hide the keyboard


An addition of a camera on the spen would allow it to be used as a webcam with samsung dex. But my wishlist still does include a selfie camera on the device itself


This new spen would be great in a presentation setting. Especially with the addition of a mic and speaker. The possibilities are endless. Even home consumers might consider this a great addition to the note phones. So the days are coming where i no longer need an xbox or a laptop and the only device ill ever use is my galaxy note


To activate the mic

-slide your finger over both buttons quickly


I mean idk maybe its not for everyone maybe it can be a stand alone product so older phones can use it too, but not too old. Id be happy with note 9 compatibility


-removeable battery tray with sim ejection tool to increase the longjevity of all galaxy phones. This tray would be ip68/69 water a dust resistant


-the sim card would move to the bottom on one of the sides


-there would be this technology where passer byers can not here and sound coming from the user or the phone (see below for the science portion on this) (might be more then 5-10 years away from today) (1)




-the usb charge port would instead switch to a magnetic connection type port, meaning nothing slides into the phone, meaning nothing can break inside it


-the entire screen would be pressure sensitive allowing additional functionality. Like on the web for instance you could preview a web page in a on screen pop up bubble before even opening it




(1) this technology refers to the principles that use a magnetic feild generator to unravel a high frequency sound emitter. (All magnets have a point of no magnetic flux/deadzone, by utilizing this the high frequency sound will travel unimpeded till it hits an area of magnetic flux. Thus allowing the high frequency sound to travel unheard by the user for a predetermined distance.) The high frequency sound will be that of one that is unhearable by the human ear (think like a dog whistle for instance)) (by utilizing a magnetic feild and high frequency sound the magnetic feild will change the high frequency sounds wavelength by slowing down the high frequency sound ave length thus making it greater instead of shorter. This will allow sound to be heard by users outside of the quiet zone that the user is inside of. Thus utilizing a principle of science known as the doppler effect. Further research may be needed in the area of speed of sound, decibel strength, and file types to allow what outside users actually hear)


Please update the camera software according to the following.




-move everything to the bottom, (flash, settings, everything) in portrait mode


-when switching from portrait to land scape please make the softawre able to turn with it


-please update the software to include a new feature that lets the user click something on the touch screen to reorientate the picture. Not the screen but actually make it so i can take a landscape photo in portrait mode. 


-please allow gesture controls anywhere on the screen to zoom in and out by recognizing where you first put your finger and sliding from that poin to the left will zoom out and sliding to the right from that point will zoom in. This way that new floatable button feature will still work




-please update the button so double tapping it will start recording video. This will remove the photo and video section of the camera software and itll be replaced with the new combined feature and itll feature both names photo above the button highlighted if its active and if you activate video it will then make the video option highlighted. If you activate video it wont start recording video right when you switch by double tapping you will have to tap once more take a photo or record video. So double tapping the button is only for switching between the two


Please also include the ability to switch between front cameras and rear cameras without interupting video recording.


This would be the perfect phone hands down


I would like to reiterate that all this stuff would be optional users or consumers have the option to not use it if they dont want. You could still use the classic UI that is there today. And the more options you give users the better. And besides that this would be a more intuitive approach to addressing apple

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