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The Suggestions & Ideas Thread


Hi all! :smileyhappy:


If you have any suggestions for features or apps, then please share them with us here.

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Sure, that's why I said this could be optional if Samsung would let us to set up this mode in the settings so if you need you choose night mode with or without BT. I do keep connection from time to time when I need to be reachable so I know what you mean, clicking 2 googles is not a problem so it can be like you say. It's all about this bezel...;)

Hi AntS, 


Yes, there was a message sent to me regarding my suggestion that they will look into it. Idea will be forwarded to the development team. Exciting to know this! :winking-face::hand-with-index-and-middle-fingers-crossed: Hope it comes to fruition, as it's very much needed. 


Also, being able to tag specific people in messages should be made available if at all possible. Full of ideas me. :winking-face: 


Suggestions Referring to the Galaxy Watch and Future Watch products.


1: Please include things like the Calculator and Internet in the Operating System, have them Pre-Installed

2: Keeping that thought, update Bixby to be able to use those two(and others) applications for searches and math, at the moment Bixby on the Galaxy Watch is incapable of telling me the answer of 1+1=, and it cannot answer general knowlege questions because it cannot access wikipedia or google.

3: Why is there no official navigation and or maps app preinstalled on the watch? Some companys make smartwatches entirely for the purpose of navigation(Garmin), I feel there really should be direct competition on that front.

4: Background Styles, there should be more to pick from, and you should allow developers to create new ones and put them on the Galaxy Apps Store for download under their own category.

5: Please tie Bixby into using Smart Things and add Nest Thermostat support to smart things so i can say for example "Hey bixby turn the tempature down to 72", being able to control that on my watch would be amazing, it would feel "smart" finally.


Suggestions for Hardware for Future Galaxy Watches (Galaxy Watch 2)

1: Bump up the Resolution of the Screen, if you look closely you can see pixelization, right now its 360x360 right? I think a minor percentage improvement in the resolution should alleviate this issue, even a 20-25% bump will probably eradicate this issue.

2: Make the 1.5gb of memory STANDARD, as in all models should have it and no less, if you can fit the 1.5gb chip into the same size device as the 768gb chip, people, myself would be perfectly fine paying an extra 10 or 20 bucks to DOUBLE my memory, and it would give application developers a TON of breathing room, especially on bluetooth models.

3: Increase the storage, because 4gb is really low. Apple Watch has 8gb last I checked, and also last I checked Samsung was one of the largest producers of microsd's and other memory/storage products, and apple has no in house production of those types of hardware, so why are you behind on that? It's mind boggling, 8gb would be fine, or if you intend on dramatically beefing up tizen, it would be nice to maintain atleast 4gb of Completely Free Space.

4: Bring back the IR Blaster so we can control televisions, soundbars, DVR boxes, see the nice shiny spot off the edge where the top part of the wristband attaches? There appears to be enough room for a strategically placed IR blaster if you ask me, making a smartwatch into a universal remote? I see this as a winner.

5: Next to the IR blaster you could add in the Flash Module from a phone camera, now you ask WHY?, easy, Because we can use it as a Wrist Flashlight, I should not even need to elaborate how or why that can be useful, but I view a smartwatch as somthing that should be turned into a Jack of All Trades, or a "Swiss Army Knife" of tech.

6: The more risky idea, that In-Screen Fingerprint scanner your working on for the galaxy s10 (atleast the rumours) Well, it would be nice to have that in the watch screen, and let us use genuine fingerprint scanning on the watch for a variety of things.

But seriously, bixby improvements on the Galaxy Watch please.


@ConcreteLlama: I've received some updates for a couple of the things you suggested:


  • "Ability to customise whether the watch face turns off automatically when facing the watch away...":

            The developers have advised that this is likely lead to higher than desirable battery/power consumption.


  •  "Ability to customise watch gesture wake up sensitivity... "

             The developers feel that this would impact the design aim of a simple and intuitive-to-use device.


As I've said before, don't be disheartened by any of this, as you never know how an idea will eventually turn out somewhere down the line.


I'll keep you posted on anything I hear for your other suggestions. :smiling-face::thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

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Feature suggestion - Galaxy Watch - Add steps data to the walking activity reports on the Galaxy watch / Samsung Health. Cannot understand how you would add a walking workout to the watch but not display steps in the results? ctually adding it to all walks recorded would be great. I walked yesterday without automatic detection set and it registered it in samsung health (weight section) but again no steps.


Feature suggestion (fix) - Galaxy Watch - Change the algorythm or whatever it is that calculates calories burnt, it is reporting well under any other app or device. We shouldnt be burning the same calories sitting down for an hour or sleeping  as we do when performing HIIT/ cardio/weights.


Feature Suggestion - Galaxy watch - Allow us to schedule Goodnight Mode, first 2 nights I had the watch it popped up at 10pm asking me if I want to enable. Since then nothing, I have to enable manually, then disable each morning. A schedule of say, 10pm - 7am would be nice.




Ants, would it be possible to forward my suggestions to the developers? I see there is another person who'd like to see a schedule option for goodnight mode, this would be really useful as well the Bezel Off option in this mode because when we turn this on we want to keep connected but not disturbed by any notification, light etc. Actually I think this is a must have in Good night mode.


And I have a small suggestion regarding the Screen Of Memo on Galaxy Note 9 and 8. I think it would be great to be able to set a reminder straight after making a screen of memo. Now we can write it and save it but usually I'm making this notes to not forget about something. The problems is that I forget that I made this note and if I write down that I have to call somebody at 4p.m for example I just simply forget about the note.

I attached a screenshot and marked an empty space when the option Save As Reminder could be, after choosing it a small pop up window with date and time of reminder would be really appreciated.20180913_152752.jpg





Hi @ConcreteLlama.


Some more feedback on your suggestion below:


Feature suggestion: Different screen timeout options depending on whether the watch was woken up by a gesture or by a button. Currently the screen timeout option only applies to the watch being manually woken up, if it was woken by a gesture it only stays on for a few seconds


Our developers have come back with the following:


"The main goal of the wake up by wrist gesture is to check the current time (clock). Since this gesture is caused by motion, it can happen unintentionally with daily use of the device. This is why the screen turns off quickly not to drain the battery unnecessarily. Thanks for the suggestion."



Just to add to ChrisM's post there, @ConcreteLlama, the developers also feel that the current back-key operation is best for more intuitive, easier screen navigation for Galaxy Watch users.


Regardless of whatever the current outcomes may be, I have to say that I'm impressed by the fact that the Galaxy Watch has inspired quite a few ideas from you guys so quickly. :smiling-face-with-sunglasses:

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Feature suggestion for Galaxy Watch (or I guess for Samsung phones in general):


Ability to limit the number of notifications an app can give (until notification is acknowledged)


Basically, I'm in a couple of WhatApp and Facebook Messenger groups. I'm perfectly happy for them to notify me, but when a load of people  are talking (or when one particular person doesn't know how to put everything they want to say into one message and split it out across loads of tiny messages), the notifications get really, really annoying.


The ideal solution to this, in my opinion, would be that watches/phones only alert the user (that is, ring or vibrate) when the first new message in a conversation is sent, and then don't alert for any subsequent notifications in that conversation until the notification has been swiped away. I'm not sure how much the phone/app knows about separate conversations within an app, so the simplest implementation would be to have the option to only allow an app to alert me once, until that notification has been swiped away.

@M-o-r-g: An update on your Good Lock 2018 feature request suggestion. The developer has said that colour customisation of notifications is tied to specifics of a device's OS - and currently only available on Note9's on Oreo.

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