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The Suggestions & Ideas Thread


Hi all! :smileyhappy:


If you have any suggestions for features or apps, then please share them with us here.

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@Ants , can i suggest that  when using the stock messaging app and I there's a message received that instead of a number or the dot can there be a contact icon there or if there isn't a contact icon use the circle with letter in it that my contact list has 


Like this icon from contactsLike this icon from contacts




@Samsung, we need a better look when it comes down to texting. Imessage looks and do better things  and we need you guys to be better then imessage, with the gifs, sharing music, sharing location,  etc. Now im not saying be like apple, but give the people wat they want and wat they would love, and show that why you guys are better 😌

Wat you guys think 🤔

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Suggestion: Samsung Dex on the S8/9 could be more useful with more supported resolutions. Right now only 1600x900 and 1920x1080 (and 1440p) are supported. However in a business environment (where Dex is supposed to be aied at) screens are usually 16:10 or even 4:3, so Dex could be more useful if it could support 1920x1200, 1680x1050 and maybe even 1600x1200 and 1280x1024. Another typical use-case if you go on a short business trip and would like to use the TV in your hotel-room as a screen. These hotel TVs are usually low resolution, like 1366x768 or 1280x720. Adding these two resolutions would also make it possible to use the older Moto Lapdock-type notebook-shells with Dex. Maybe first add them as Dex Labs feature, but as of now Dex is only well supported on a TV (or some cheap consumer grade screens), which is to say it's not useful all that much.


Can I suggest having a lte smart watch for the uk as it would be a live saver in my job in construction 


separated Forum dedicated to Note 8 would be nice

There's a few things in Oreo making me want to switch phones. I have truly loved having the S7 edge but with Oreo it's not as good and I'm thinking of jumping ship...
The night clock AOD is gone,
the themes of the nougat AOD has disappeared, why not add to them instead of taking away,

Samsung Pay is forced onto my home screen even with 3rd party launcher- please offer a disable option for all this kind of stuff,
The icon 'frames' are stuck on many of my apps and I can't remove them,

The notification shade makes all of the notifications thinner and when I use a 'quick compose' I have to tap more than once on it to use it (minor but a backwards step)

The feature to create multiple lock screen pictures is gone, now only able to choose one- this was something cool that most other phones don't do!

Don't want to upgrade to an S9 either as again you're forcing Bixby in with the button and non re map of it (another example of Samsung forcing its own software into the operating system.

I do love many of the features that have been put in even before Google but I thought Samsung was getting the message aftee TouchWiz that we don't want bloat and the point of Android as opposed to Apple is to customise and turn off what we don't want!
I have downgraded to Nougat for now- with a lot of fuss.
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Superuser I



Is their an option to lock down a Home Screen on the Samsung Galaxy Phones ?


Or maybe an app ?


I'm occasionally finding extra home screens appearing on my Samsung Galaxy s8 phone and sometimes my clock widget moves which is from my accidental touches I'm sure. 


Personally I use one home screen so having the option not to create another without a pin number etc would be useful. 


I appreciate other owners have several pages of home screens.




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A Night Clock on the S7 Edge would be a GREAT feature.

Yes Please bring back the edge clock. When I upgraded to Oreo Poof it was gone.
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