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The Suggestions & Ideas Thread


Hi all! :smileyhappy:


If you have any suggestions for features or apps, then please share them with us here.

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I mean i probably could have taken more time to write this too make it a little more clear but in theory it will work, itll just need some real polish


My suggestion relates to S3 watches (possibly the latest watch too).


We need an option to make Stopwatch a "priority", where it can override other settings.  


Sometimes I'm not too bothered if I can't access the stopwatch immediately - e.g., I do a weekly timed walk but it doesn't need to be too accurate as traffic, etc., slows me.  I don't mind that the watch detects I've been walking for >10 minutes and covers the stopwatch I have running with the length of time I've been walking (though bizarrely, lately, it's showing the number of steps I've taken in that session - why would anyone care about that?!)


Sometimes, however, I'm properly exercising, and I want immediate access to my stopwatch. I should be able to have a large icon to activate the stopwatch function, that I can get to easily by twisting the bezel. Instead I have to look for the tiny stopwatch widget among many others.


I start a series of reps and begin my first 200m sprint. The stopwatch works fine and I pause it when I reach the end. I jog back to the start, but the stopwatch is gone from the screen and now I have to find the widget again to open Stopwatch, clear the time and restart. That's a little annoying for the first few reps.  By rep 6, however, the auto workout detection has now kicked in too and that takes over the stopwatch screen. I have to get that out of the way before starting/stopping the stopwatch. That's *really* annoying.


I should be able to tap an option in Stopwatch that turns on "priority". When that is on, Stopwatch should not be interrupted and should remain the top screen until I dismiss it.

Hi, some more workout profiles would be good. Spinning and boxing would be great to have.

It would be great to be able to connect an external chest strap to the galaxy watch, I know you can connect one to S Health but if you could connect one to the watch it would be great to see the stats on your wrist from the chest strap. 


As the barometer (on Galaxy Watch) seems to give an incorrect value (i.e. correct with a fixed offset error) it would be a fairly easy fix to add an option to be able to add a fixed value.
Over the time since the last update, the barometer has been displaying a correct value with a fixed offset. The barometer follows almost perfectly the changes in pressure but when calculating the height above sea level the result is always off by approx. 35m placing me 20m below sea level being 15m above. The offset is approx. 4hPa over the correct value. 1m height difference is approx. 0.12hPa.


Ok, thanks. I was just wondering if pairing  a chest strap to the watch itself track heart rate during exercise as an option might be added in the future. Heart rate tracking is so flakey on the watch.


Would it be possible to add an option to "Good night mode" to be controlled by the detection of "Sleep" as recorded? 
The information about sleep is recorded by the watch ( 4 latest weeks also stored in the watch) and transferred to Samsung Health. This would during detected sleep enable automation of turning off AoD, the wake-up gesture feature, and all sounds, except for the touch sounds and alarms.
The "Good night mode" can be activated through a notification as part of "Managing my daily life" (This feature is available after connecting the Galaxy Watch to a mobile device that supports the customisation service platform 2.2 or later. But this implies the collection of data on some remote server and the service might not be available on the mobile device currently associated with the watch)


I've been whining about this since release day but here goes anyway..


Regarding the Galaxy Watch and probably the Galaxy Active judging by the comments, ask the developers why they havent yet coded it to restart the HR sensor when it stops/freezes. Using 3rd party app it shows during a 60 minute workout the Galaxy Watch HR sensor stops on average 29 times, Samsung doesnt seem to have put in place anything to restart it :face-with-rolling-eyes:


This 3rd party app successfully restarts the sensor and tracking continues almost uninterupted, what baffles me is why Samsung with all their money and knowledge cannot add this into the Watch to make our lives better and no doubt these boards more peaceful.


You knwo it make sense :smiling-face:

Totally agree.
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I own an S10E and a samsung smart things ecosystem which i use, amongst other things, for home security.

When I am at work I like to have the phone on silence which enables me to see who is calling and texting without disturbing others in the office.

I woul like however to be notified via a loud sound if someone is breaking in my house however (I have sensor alarms) but unfortunately smarthings cannot override the phones silence mode (this needs to change!).

my alternatives are:

put the phone on do not disturb but then I do not see who is calling me or receive any norifications. I have figured out how smarthings can override do not disturb.

remove the sound of all notifications except smart things and leave the phone on normal mode - this is inconvenient for obvious reasons.

I am keen to expand my Samsung ecosystem but details like this need to be improved in your software. please get in touch with me if you have any questions about this.

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