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The newest update on my J6+ messed up my files on my SD card

(Topic created on: 13-10-2020 10:49 PM)
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I dont know what to do. All my videos, cameras and downloads that I put on my SD card doesnt word anymore. It was fine before the latest update, but afterwards, now, I dont know how to retrieve them.


I do have backed up data but that data was from long ago. I'm stressed, sad and angry and I desperately want some help.


Everytime I go to my gallery, the videos and pictures saved on my sd card come up with a grey background with an exclamation point. Most of my downloaded music wouldn't play either. 

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When I'm discussing the topic of updating software on their phone I recommend to remove the Sd card before updating @Lamyea 


Did you do this ?


Maybe remove the Sd card and try it in another phone just as a process of elimination.



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Thank you for responding. 


I dont normally take my sd card out when updating. I could use the generic "and this didnt happen before" but what use will that be? I genuinely didnt know to take it out.


As a silver lining, I found that my phone automatically backs up my data, so my backed by data went as far back as the 13th of this month and I was thankfully able to retrieve my music. My photos and videos are also saved onto google photos so my pictures are saved there.


But I will be lying if I said that I wasnt upset. I tried my sd card on another phone and the same problem occurs. I definitely think my sd is corrupted and I am sad. While vital data was retrieved, I dont know what else I am missing or what else I wasnt able to back up.


I could ask how I can fix a corrupted sd card but I feel that will be more complicated and impossible. 


Either way, thank you for trying to help me.