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The new update for Galaxy S8 is BAD

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The new update is so bad!


I´ve been using my Galaxy S8 for almost a year now and been very happy with it.

But yesterday I updated my phone. Should not have done that!!!


1. The icons look like they´re pulled out from a cheap childs phone. 

2. I have NO IDEA why they changed how the windows are alligned, it was way more clearer and easier to operate before, swiping to the sides and seeing all windows at once.. Why did they change it?

3. The screen doesn´t react as fast as it did before, have to really push to get something done. Why?

4. Why have they changed the alarm clock so that the options are at the bottom? 

5. Why have you changed the camera options? I can´t find the pro-option anymore (before they we´re all where you can see them and choose fast) This is a really bad thing for someone who uses their camera all the time....


This new update is a total downgrade. I really hope they do something about it and fast!


Just came over from Iphone for a number of years, and now after two month's I regret it.  WTF SAMSUNG  Losing a customer very quickly.  SO DISSAPOINTED.


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Is there anyway we can revert to previous firmware ?? .  Predictive text and auto customised replace as you type was good on previous versions - it would learn common words / abbreviations etc that I used and put them to the top of the predictive list. all that has gone and it is really rubbish .. How can they go backwards so badly??  same issued on my S8 and J7

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I agree Volume up and down buttons now reversed

Have to press rediculously to have basic functions performed

I resisted upgrading as each time i've done one  I have numerous ongoing problems

In Summary good Camera,  Good Video 

everthing else amazingly poor

Would never recommend Samsung to anyone 

Actively discouraging as many people as I can

Camera/Video is a total fail. I was unable to record my daughter pitching in a championship game.
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The flat line flick up button is terrible.. please put the go back, main screen and close all apps buttons back to what they were.. 


Well said, ...****ers!!! Cheap look, used to love it, now I hate it, maybe it's time to try  iphone for the first time. Never been this dissatisfied with an android...


And today, along with all of the other negative changes, my Google Assistant continued to crash.


Did you use the camera BEFORE the update?  So many recording features have been removed.

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Bugs so far for my S8+:


- Won't stay in portrait mode


- Won't respect setting to prevent screen waking when home button is touched when screen is off


- Uses data connection at random while connected to stable wifi


- Temporarily turning off usb debugging causes developer options menu to vanish


- voice assistant turns o on at random times and is very difficult to turn off




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I bought a Samsung Note 8 just 2 months ago. The phone updated overnight, and now, I can not connect to any network. I even sent it in to Samsung for repair since it was still is the 90 day repair warranty. They sent it back without fixing the problem. So now I have an unusable phone. I have used Samsung phones for years, but I guess it is time to find a new brand. 

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