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Terabyte Storage and Micro SD

(Topic created on: 30-11-2022 09:49 PM)

All phones should have the ability to store as much as possible. Cloud storage doesn't work so well when you go to areas without service. Couple that with the fact that cloud storage has different subscription levels (and providers) and you can see that cloud storage is not the answer.

Having 1TB of storage should be the minimum that Samsung strives for in ALL their phones. Keeping it open to expansion with microSD cards should be the other thing that Samsung keeps as an option in ALL their phones.

Let's face it, we didn't want Apple, but we didn't know we wanted Samsung, either. Most of us found our way to Samsung, but stayed due to the extras. Take away the extras, then we might as well buy the Google Pixel or other well-made phones.

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Sadly the omission of the microSD card from phones seems to be a popular trend with most manufacturers.
Being able to store stuff likes films or videos etc
The convenience of just be able to swap out cards
But it's all going cloud storage and looks like ESIM only as Apple has started down that road.

I have had to resort to getting a Type C card reader to transfer files from my phone now
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I've read many threads here,  elsewhere and on Tech Blogs like many like me and appreciate and understand the discussion in regards to wants and needs in regards to onboard storage and that of cloud storage.

I've had 512gb storage phone's and found that size for me to be wasted space and extra expense, so now I use a 256gb phone which is my current sweet spot. 👌

I use Dropbox and Samsung Cloud which serve my needs.

Of course everyone's needs in this case can be vastly different to what they do with their phone.

We've seen so many threads where a person has had to start micro managing their storage due to purcshing a lower spec storage phone which is either them growing out of that space or going for the cheaper phone due to lesser storage or not realising how storage works especially with the Os taking up a chunk 

I'd advise a person to try not to buy a lower spec phone than 256Gb to help future proof their purchase.

With the ability to take and save higher resolution videos and pictures and games taking up more and more space it's easy to see why some hit a stumbling block.

Manufacturers have now utilised the space that a sd card slot and accompanying hardware took up in the housing for other tech so I'm not convinced they'll revert anytime soon if at all.

The 1tb storage variants are typically at the top of the tree and command a higher price unless on a specific promotion thus taking them out of the choice bracket for some.

Many wouldn't need 1tb I'd suspect.

Maybe the base spec should be 512gb !


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