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Temperamental SensitivityGalaxy A5 touchscreen issue

(Topic created on: 16-03-2018 06:34 AM)

I have a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) that was purchased brand new from a well known high street retailer in the UK in September 2017.

I previously had an iPhone but wanted to try this as I read very good reviews of the Galaxy A5 as a well priced mid-range phone.

However I have had constant problems with the touchscreen sensitivity.

The main issue is at completely random times when typing or trying to select an app or tap a button, the touchscreen will not respond. I have to tap 2, 3 or at times 4 times for the touchscreen to respond. At other times, the touchscreen is absolutely fine.

I have contacted Samsung Support online multiple times, but they just give me generic advice such as do a soft reset, turn on the phone in safe mode etc. I have tried this multiple times but it is clear to me it is a hardware issue and not a third party app issue. 

I have taken it to a couple of Samsung stores, where they tested the screen and there was no problem when they tested it. Just my luck! As when I am back home using it myself the touchscreen is randomly unrespomsive again.

There is no option on my phone to adjust home button sensitivity as I read online. However, as it is a touchscreen issue, I tried going to

General Management
Language and Input
and adjusting pointer speed.

No effect unfortunately.

Does anyone else have this issue with their Samsung Galaxy by any chance? I hope someone out there reading this is aware of a fix to this problem.

Thank you.

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Hi @acidreflux


Are you using the phone naked ?


Ie No screen protector or case with a screen protector built in. 


Are you using Touchwizz and Samsung's Keyboard or are you using another launcher etc. 


Look in your phone's software update section and your PlayStore to ensure everything is up to date please. 


Also just as a process of elimination can you put the phone in Safe Mode which will turn off all the downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones alone which can then help you determine if its a rogue app causing this issue. 


I'm using a Samsung Galaxy s8 which works fine. 


Maybe a very last resort would be to Back up and fully factory reset. 


If this did not remedy the issue then I would first go back to the retailer who supplied the phone as its them that apply the 24 month manufacturing warranty and ask them to help. 


Samsung will usually want to help and as such have Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre Locations that you can request a diagnostic be carried out. 



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Hi @BandofBrothers


1. No I removed the screen protector months ago as someone suggested that was the issue. However, no effect whatsoever. My touchscreen was and still is seriously wrong - in that the sensitivity is messed up.


2. I am using the default Samsung keyboard.


3. I have extremely regularly updated my Play Store and OS but no effect. 


4.I tried in Safe Mode and things worked normally for the short time it was in safe mode but probably because my issue is random as I have stated.


5. When I took my Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) to a Samsung store they typed a code on my keypad and this allowed them to draw patterns on my screen.


It worked fine for them but funnily enough later that day I had the same issue needing to sometimes tap multiple times before my touchscreen responds.



As the Samsung online and in-store support has been overly generic and unhelpful, I am hoping someone from our community can help me.


A quick Google search of "Samsung Galaxy screen sensitivity issue" shows that this is a widespread problem and so I am sure a factory reset will not help.


I hope someone reading this can help?

Same phone. Same problem.
This Samsung fault is dangerous as operating the screen touch functions detracts from road watching time. Dash mounted phone is (single push) is allowed in Ontario to initiate or answer calls.
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Same phone, same issue, sometimes even when holding and draging the touch releases
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My son has the same problem with the unresponsive screen. Mostly when his playing a certain type of game, when you need to "jump" several times quite fast the touch screen doesn't respond and he loses.


What can we do with this phone? It has been like this from when we bought it this summer...