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Talkin' About Upcoming Stuff in 2017 - MWC 2017

(Topic created on: 27/02/17 11:31)
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Hi all! :smileyhappy:


Anyone catch the Mobile World Congress last night?


There were a few exciting reveals:


  • The new Tab S3. (Check out this link to get the latest updates on the Tab S3).


  • Introducing the Galaxy Book, a 2 in 1 tablet that integrates full PC functionality, powered by Windows 10, and with a refined S Pen.





Any thoughts from you peeps on any of these?

Other Smartphones


Yeah some really good innovation that's going to hit the street.

5G will be awesome and it's forward thinking of Samsung to be being pro active. On a side note I just hope the various Networks across the globe improve their infrastructure to provide acceptable 2G,3G,4G/Lte.

I just missed out on the Samsung Free Vr when buying an s7 edge by 4 days 😞 so I ended up trying out another model as buying the Samsung version is pretty expensive. I can certainly see how this Tech and user experience can grow and move forward.

The new tablets certainly caught my eye as I'm soon to be in the market to replace my iPad Air. Can't wait to get my hands on the working models in the high street shops to start comparing. And a free S pen included too = win win. :winking-face:

Have you seen the burst off concepts of what the new Samsung Galaxy s8 could look like. How case manufacturers are leaking their cases etc !

I've owned my s7 edge for 5 months now and am extremely impressed with it. But I'll still be either looking at the s8 model(s) or the Note 8 later in the year.

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