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Strange Google Request



I,m using a S8 with the most up-to-date software and have just redeived a message on my Internet browser regarding this Google Membership Rewards.

I know if anything is too good to be true then its

Had to answer 4 questions to get a prize and it listed my so-called IP Address,which was given as the wrong end of the country to which I live.

I googled this and i ist indeed a scam...but to let Samsung know or Google know?

It did state that I was a Samsung Internet user..I did a scan on phone and nothing has come up.Is there any other checks I can do if ,indeed my phone has been hi-jacked by Malware, Ardware etc...

I tried several times to too delete this as it was a pop-up but I did succeed.

Many Thanks..


Hi @Gerrymac . Thanks for getting in touch. Did this appear randomly or a on a paritclar site? Is it still appearing now? 

Hi Carl,

I just opened my Browser and this appeared.A smaller box then appeared with an OK button.

Did not press anything and eventually got it closed by clicking 1 tab button (bottom right) then clicking X .

Using Samsung Internet..All Software up to date.


Thanks for the reply, @Gerrymac. Can you check your phone in Safe Mode and see if it still appears? Restart your phone but whilst it's powering up, keep the 'Volume Down' button held until you reach the home screen (Safe Mode will be displayed in the bottom left corner whwn active).

I,ll do that tomorrow but have opened my browser since and no sign of any pop ups..
I did Google this and its a scam...
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