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Someone know these issues?

(Topic created on: 26-10-2021 03:58 PM)
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Does someone experienced some of the following issues?
- Icons on the startscreen disappeared after phone restart
- Apps sometimes generates invisible notifications that can not get deleted (huge offset in the notifications scroll box)
- Random crashes and freezes (phone cannot be put off in any way, have to take out battery)
- Sound is weird since i installed a sound manager app, uninstalled but still have effects?
- Graphical Issues in Android Webview since version 89.* (88.* dont generates this error)
- Connections issues in every wifi/mobile data (network driver issue?)
- When trying to copy files from phonespace to a windows computer get several connection breaks (phone is still loading batterie),
no response anymore
or get spammed with "invalid file type", "file cannot be a directory" or directorys are showed as "directoryname.0" file.
It happens if i move a lot of files and until i reconnect the device i cant fix it, it looks for me like there is a problem with missing file end informating like a mising offset (idk how that works exactly, but would explains why it breaks instant when i try to mive a file again)
This makes it realy hard to make backups

If someone know solutions that would be great :smiling-face:

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Other Smartphones
Hey I had experienced the same issues with my device when I accidentally deleted/disabled some system app.. but this was fixed as I resetted my phone settings .... if this still doesn't work factory reset will be the best. Samsung member apk have their own test feature which can test the phone.