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Software wise, are Samsung phones worse than before?

(Topic created on: 10-05-2019 04:30 PM)
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I had a Note 3 from around the time it released. It last up until a few months ago and I swapped it for a J6+. As you can imagine, the difference in software versions was quite massive. There are a few things I noticed though which was much better in the Note 3.


The one that annoys me the most is the casting of media. On my Note 3 I could just press the cast button whilst consuming any media and it will go straight to my TV. Now, I have to use the Smart View app. Not a massive problem but just no where as simple as pressing the button whilst looking at the media. Also, the Smart View app that is availble on this phone does not allow me to view what is on the TV on my phone. I also can do screen share with my TV anymore.


Have Samsung removed these featres or is there something I am missing? 


P.S. Also, why remove the notification light? Such a pain.

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Superuser II
Other Smartphones

I use my Note 9 and smart view to mirror to my LG Smart TV just fine.


Sometimes when first activating smartview for some reason it wont link to my TV so turning smartview On and Off seems to resolve that.


There has been also some posts raised when the new s10 phones were released that the notification light was removed. Fortunately on my Note 9 I still have it.


Some of these owners now use the Goodlock App which included in its many features is the option to use a notification light again.


With new firmware and software updates there is typically new features that are introduced and sometimes some features that are removed which isn't always going to be a good thing as people miss features that are removed.


Samsung have a feedback process via the Samsung Members app or Samsung + too.



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