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Smartwatch not working with my Samsung M31

(Topic created on: 28-03-2022 06:40 AM)
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Hi all, I am new here and a bit of a technophobe so bear with me !   I have a Kore 2.0 smartwatch but for some reason it is not very compatible with my Galaxy M31. My wife and I both have the same watch with exactly the same settings on the Korehealth app. She has an oldish IPhone and everything updates via Bluetooth absolutely fine. However on my Kore 2.0 app the distant travelled (ie) mileage sits at zero. Everything else updates OK. For example today I have walked over 5000 steps which recorded OK, but mileage is stuck at 0.0. I have paired my watch to her phone and the mileage then starts working on the app on the Iphone. I was blaming the watch but clearly the problem lies somewhere in the settings on my phone. Has anybody with a better understanding of the settings of the M31 got any ideas what it might be. Any help gratefully received because it's driving me mad !! 🤔

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Sadly not all devices are fully compatible with each other which can result in some features not working properly or working at all @Razorfire 

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