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Smart View from video player on SAMSUNG S8

(Topic created on: 31-01-2018 03:37 PM)

Hi, please could someone desperately help me! 


Every since I have had my S8, I have had on and off issues with streaming movies from my video player onto my TV.  The issues come from my phone itself and not the TV.


Initially when I got the phone, I was able to load the movie then press the 3 dots on the top left hand corner and select smart view, then then allowed me to connect to my TV.


Eventually the video player got updated by auto updates and I could no longer view this option, I then searched on here and someone suggested uninstalling latest updates on video player- this worked, however I couldnt fidn a way to turn off the auto updates so annoyingly had to carry on doing this each time I wanted to stream- however it worked...


Now, since the software updates on the phone I can no longer uninstall the latest updates on the video player and cannot find a fix around this. It is extremely annoying and frustrating! My husband who has an S7 can stream perfectly fine- but I cant, and I have the latest modeol. There is a clearly a major flaw in the updates which Samsung cannot recognise and fix. Please could someone advise me, and tell me how to switch off the auto updates too!!


Many thanks in advance...