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Smart View Audio Issue

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So my Note8, previously worked fine when I did the Smart View to my Samsung TV. But now it’s having an Audio Issue. Anytime I connect my Phone to the TV, no audio plays. The video will play, but absolutely no audio. 


Ive updated my Phone Software, Apps have all been Updated, restarted Network Settings, restarted Phone.. pretty much everything I could think of. 


Is there anyone that can help me?


The problem was solved with your settings suggestions. Also do not trouble shoot with a friend while on the same phone. After ending the call I got a message saying the sound works now after call ended. Lmbo 

I'm so happy to hear that 😅

Awesome 😅

You're welcome! 😅

Thank you!!!  This worked for me as well!!!😁

Have that setup...issue is the same 

Did it...same issue

this not solve the issue. It worked fine with the soundbar


Any fix available for this issue?

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Turn the bluetooth off on the device.

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