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Smart View Audio Issue

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So my Note8, previously worked fine when I did the Smart View to my Samsung TV. But now it’s having an Audio Issue. Anytime I connect my Phone to the TV, no audio plays. The video will play, but absolutely no audio. 


Ive updated my Phone Software, Apps have all been Updated, restarted Network Settings, restarted Phone.. pretty much everything I could think of. 


Is there anyone that can help me?

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I am going the exact issue. Please provide assistance.

I resolved this audio ussue by turning off my sound bar; the media sound can now be heard through my TV.  If I turn my sound bar on, then  the audio stops.

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Hey you guys if your still having this problem. I solved it by cutting my tv off. Then turning it back on hope this helps



Did anyone from Samsung ever even answer this.... I'm still having the same ***** issue. I own a Samsung TV, Tablet, and phone. And smart view audio stopped working a couple months ago when a "update" screwed up the smart view for some reason. I seriously need to stop buying Samsung things if their own devices won't work correctly, and the company doesn't care enough answer something after a year.

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Hello ! I hope I can help you with this problem, I had this same problem but I already solved it, when I made the smart connection, I went to the sounds and vibrations function, and deactivated the silent mode, and select sound mode, then I went to the volume option, and up the volume in the media section and problem solved.

Good luck to every one.

My phone is a Note 10 plus. 

this helped actually thank you! i had to turn on my system volume as well so mad lmaooooo

thank you very much


If it helps if I can only play audio on smart view when my TV isn't connected to an external speaker.

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My issue is slightly different.  I recently switched phones from an S8 Edge to an S10 Edge.


With my S8, I could mirror screen on my Samsung TV and then choose to play the sound through my phone.


Now, with my S10, I can do one or the other, but not both simultaneously. If I'm mirroring my screen and then ask for audio to play on my phone,  it switches off the mirroring and enables audio on the phone. Never both. 


Any thoughts? 

Im having same problem . No sound when casting to tv from my galaxy 9

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