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Smart Switch not transferring emails?

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Hi everyone,


Got two S8s yesterday for the missus and me (well, an S8+ for me & an S8 for her).

Still setting up hers & haven't had a chance to start on mine yet (using her registration to ask the question).


Used Smart Switch but it has totally failed to transfer all the emails stored locally in the built in Samsung email app on her old Galaxy Note 3 into the same app on the new phone. They are all downloaded onto the phone and deleted from the Hotmail server and I don't want to lose them forever. They exist only in the Note 3.


Is it worth trying Smart Switch again (can't see any option to transfer emails only and don't really want to risk corrupting other stuff like ending up with duplicate contacts etc.) or is the only way to keep them to forward every one to a different (or the same) address to re-harvest them from the Hotmail server that way (messy)? There's only about 40 but they're on the Note 3 and I just want them on the S8 instead now.


Thanks for any ideas.

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Just to add that all the folders I'd set up in the Note 3 app transferred across okay, just not their contents.




Old question and still no answer just shows how s*** Samsung are looking after their customers and helping them out.  Absolutely ridiculous organisation considering how invested people are in their products.