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Screenshots not working on my A13 phone

(Topic created on: 06-08-2022 05:53 PM)
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Hi all at the Samsung community. 


( I just sent this post to the 'solve for tomorrow' community, thinking it was for non urgent posts 🙄

we live and we learn 😅


I have just bought a new Galaxy A13 (android 12) phone, which is brilliant in comparison to my previous Android 8 Honor7S phone (not that it wasn't a great phone also) but this is much better 👍( and 4 years younger) 


I find that when I try to take a screenshot, well, nothing happens. I should say, that a screenshot certainly doesn't happen 😢


One of two things happen. 



the first one is when I press the volume button first, it just displays the volume slider, and then pressing the side button has no effect other than it's normal side button pressing effect. But no screen shot 😢



if I press the side key first, there are two possibilities:



Quick press : 

applies screen lock and turns off the screen. 



Long press :

it just displays the screen with the three buttons, Power off, Restart and Emergency mode. 


Subsequently pressing the volume down button brings up the volume slider, but still no screenshot 😢


I suspect there is something I need to do in settings. 


Can anyone out there help🤔

Many thanks for reading 👍



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You need to press the volume down and power button at the same time. Under settings>advance features you can set the side key to be the power button instead of Bixby if required.
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Many thanks badger42.
A dude with id 'Tad1940' posted on the Samsung community and said : you can add a screen accessibility/assistant floating menu, and to that you can add a screenshot button (along with many other buttons). Which worked out fine. And I was then able to take all the screenshots I wanted😀

The very minute I'd done that, I then tried one last time. I put the phone on its side, used one finger on my right hand to press the side key(button) , and one finger on my left hand to press the volume down button, but this time simultaneously, (exactly as you, and the manual, and the internet all say, and that I'd tried many times before) and to my complete surprise,
it then worked. 😀

Personally, I prefer the tap tap option of the screen assistant menu.

But I'm also delighted to know that all the functions of my phone are working correctly. Including the side button and volume down button, screenshot function.

Many thanks for getting in touch 👍😀🍺