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Hey! I have a Samsung M21 and I know it does not have an inbuilt screen recording option. I tried using game launcher for recording the screen however it's not working as I cant see the option of recording on the notification panel nor on the game launcher. If there is anyway to fix this please help! 

du screen record is a good app also to try if you can't get it working
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Can you send a screenshot of your notification panel while in a game and the menu that pops up after clicking the game booster in your notification area. And what version do you have,  version 4.2 or later?

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i used to use the Screen Record feature for capturing my game play but saw the record button disappeared on an update a couple months or so ago. I thouggt it was just a configuration issue but now I see they've actually removed it from Gane Launcher? Why? The procedure now takes too long and is just plain stupid!
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