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SAMSUNG You really disappointed me! Jack? SD?

(Topic created on: 19-05-2021 02:36 PM)

I want to give feedback about newest Galaxy (20 and 21). For me it is really disappointing - why Samsung  get rid of jack and SD? A lot of people still using jack headphones - I know, I can use adapter but what when I want to charge my smartphone and listen to music!!?? I do like this very often... What with SD card in newest Galaxy? On the other hand a lot of people aren't using dual SIM!!! So Samsung could do SD with ONE SIM!!! In my opinion telephone witch is price is above 800$ should have this options... It isn't cheap... I really wanted to buy Galaxy S20 or S21 but I can't do this - I never gonna buy smartphone without jack and SD. Sorry Samsung... bye.... 

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wireless buds are now a trend and pairs perfectly with S20/S21...

recent models have huge internal storages already which renders SD useless

S20 has SD slot maxed at  1TB

you may check Note 10 Lite =  with 3.5mm jack, SD slot, you'll get an S Pen too 




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Samsung followed suite with apple in regards to the earphone jack removal in my opinion @Mavimix 

Removing the jack in some case's free's up space inside the housing to be able to add more useful tech.

I appreciate that's a matter of opinion to what a person finds useful.

I stopped using Sd Cards a few years ago due to them either stopping and or corrupting on me so now I use online vault back ups, and the phone's internal storage. 

A person can buy a device to plug into the phone to act as a Sd Card.

I also buy the largest internal storage capacity I can afford.

Your right some do use Dual Sims and some don't,  again it's a matter of preference.

I do use that feature.

I also use the Samsung Buds Live so for me I have no issues.

There are splitter cords available that allow multiple options, which I appreciate you've mentioned. 

There's usually always a workaround if a person wamts to accept them.

I also always use Wireless Charging.

For me my Samsung Note 20 Ultra ticks my wants and needs boxes,  but for some it wouldn't.

That's the beauty of choice.

I wish you well with your next choice of phone.   :smiling-face:

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@Mavimix: Where the S21 range is concerned, with up to 256GB internal storage on the S21/S21+, and 512GB on the S21 Ultra, along with the wide range of cloud services that are available, we feel that all your storage needs will be satisfied without the inclusion of an SD card slot. While we have moved away from the 3.5mm headphone jack in our latest flagship models, you still have the option of using USB-C or wireless headphones. I understand that this isn't ideal in some instances, and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.