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Samsung Upgrade Program


The previous thread discussing the inability of 2018 upgrade program members to actually upgrade seems to have been accidentally deleted. Perhaps we could discuss this here?


If you click on the Terms & Conditions link it takes you to the Note 9 T&Cs ( A right mess.



It hasn't let me do that anymore since this morning. When I follow the link now it just takes me to that screen. Before that, the coming soon screen

@Mordorf wrote:

Mines all ordered. 🙂 128GB plus in black. All in time for the 8th.

I went for the Green, something a bit different.


Very tempted by the Ceramic finishes but in the end couldn't justify the extra price.


I was wondering if someone can help - I have begun the upgrade process and where you agree the price, just before you start a new contract, it shows the agreed price (S10 plus, £899/33.71), when does it discount the value of your traded in handset?






Long story short, it doesn't, this would be a new agreement not a continuation.


Essentially the program is not one ongoing agreement but a series of single agreements under one banner. Each refresh is a new agreement for the new device with the associsated costs of that.


The returned device is used to pay off the old as opposed to augment the price of the new.


Hope this makes sense?

Ah, makes sense - cheers!

False folks

I received formal invitation to upgrade from S9+ with a £50 discount code X free Samsung Pods

Great offer BUT because I upgraded via correct site X Klarna before this official invitationwas received I've been denied the deal The Loyalty Program is flawed and no longer for me and Samsung lost a loyal customer of over 10 years standing.


I was due an upgrade in January and now its May and I still can't get it done despite calling Samsung regularly.  Does anyone know how to get Samsung into action for me.?


Send all the details to this email address. 

Send your original Samsung Upgrade Programme account number. Attach a time log if your communication to whoever. State you wNt Samsung to honour the Upgrade Programme in full. State at no time where you communicated with the formal procedure process. State you seek the matter resolved within 10 working days of receiving. State finally you intend to seek damages and compensation via small claims online process if the Upgrade is not honoured in full including the £50 discount and the free Galaxy Air Pods. Finally if no joy its worth the £70 fee to lodge a claim most times they settle up as to defend with lawyers etc cost more than settling up. £70 fee you can claim up to £1500. The most you loose is the fee! I'm sure they will settle It took me 3 months but eventually received 2 lots Samsung vouchers for £50 and £140....They know the administration of the Upgrade Programme was a mess up. Good luck. 


Wrong thread 😛

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