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Samsung Two-Step Verification is a huge mess

(Topic created on: 15-08-2020 08:30 AM)
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I have been have issues trying to reset the Two-Step Verification on my other Samsung account, with no hope in sight.  No way to leave a message for support once locked out, So I had to create a new account to do that. Basically, I ended up losing my old phone # (Attached to my main Samsung account) And was no longer able to get into it. It's been about 11 days going back and forth with Samsung support on the 1:1 inquiry trying different things.


The recent batch of emails would say that the account doesn't have the two-step verification setup, so I could just login and change my phone number. I sent back proof that it is in fact, still locked. Tried giving them my new phone # update on the account...and they wont do that.


It wouldn't be an issue but I have all my photos etc etc backed up to that account, with no way to access it. You would think with all the problems people are having on this forum regarding two-step verification, that they would have someone to get back in if something similar happened to someone else.


I don't know what else to do but wait about 2 days to hear back from then to tell me it's unlocked. (when it isn't). Trying to login either with my PC or Galaxy S20 Ultra results in the same thing...locked from trying again for 30 minutes. Anyone have a similar situation and actually got back in there account?

I requested to change my phone number for 2-step verification and they emailed they did it. I have 2 accounts and they did one not both and sent notice about this to the one it was not done on referencing other account. Now I still cannot login phone asks repeatedly and because it all unlinked on its own I lost part access to calendar and now it has gone completely