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Samsung support UK unable to send replacement handset

(Topic created on: 19-12-2017 02:38 AM)
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I've got a galaxy s8+, lovely phone great screen good camera, everything runs smoothly... But I can't make or take phone calls without activating speakerphone, or plugging in earphones with inline mic. I've tried a new SIM card, even done the dreaded factory reset.

It still doesnt work. Samsung support refuse to send me a replacement, asking I get to a store or post it to them to fix. 

I can't be without a really disappointed with Samsung and this may make me buy elsewhere. 

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Hi @IanWilliams


Can you check if you have a Samsung Service Location nearby ?


and or a Samsung Experience Store. 


If the phone was supplied by a Network then they might be able to help. 


Does this issue continue no matter where you visit ?


I’m assuming no screen protector or phone case could be hindering anything ?


It is reasonable for Samsung to want to run a diagnostic on it and to ensure nothing like an accidental drop or water damage has caused this. I’m in no way saying it is but they will want to check.


In the Uk where I am when I buy my phone from a Samsung Experience Store I have 30 days to be completely happy with it and if it develops a fault within that timeframe then they’d swap it out for a new one. 


After 30 days then it’s a repair. 


You do not mention how long you’ve owned the phone or where you are.  :smiling-face:


Some people opt to use specific mobile phone insurance or Home Contents Insurance Or Some Bank Accounts offer cover as a perk of the account to replace / repair the phone. T&C’s and Excess fees would be applicable. 



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