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Samsung Service Centre, Glasgow

(Topic created on: 09-02-2019 04:55 PM)
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Anyone used the Service Centre in Glasgow?

Anyone thinking of using it?

I would advise you to avoid it.

I sent in my S7 Edge for repair of an ongoing problem under warranty and was told to package it up complete with charger in the original box and await UPS collection. UPS arrived and further packaged the phone into one of their containers while at my house with my wife watching.

The phone had the motherboard replaced and arrived back in a cloth cover... and that was it, no charger, no original box.

I contacted Glasgow and Stephen told me the engineer had gone sick and locked the items in his drawer and they would forward them on...... NOTHING.

I rang Glasgow and spoke to Alee who said they would have thrown them out so it was too bad about the box but they would send a replacement charger for free. Now with my OCD the box though insignificant to some means quite a bit to me so I wasn't happy with the fact that it had been thrown away but a replacement charger was on the way..... NOTHING. 

I rang Samsung customer services who spoke to Glasgow and the guy there said he would send out a charger...NOTHING.

I attempted to speak to the Manager at Glasgow but was told he was unavailable but he would ring me back, however the person on the phone looked into my account and told me the box and charger were there and that they would sent them straight away..... NOTHING, no call no box or charger.

Rang Customer services again to register a complaint and after a while was told that an investigation was being carried out at Glasgow by the Manager and he would ring me in a couple of days. They also arranged for a free replacement charger to be delivered..... NO CALL BACK but I did get a charger delivered from Belgium FREE.


All this took the edge off getting my phone back in working order, the Manager who avoids owning up to his Centres failings or even addressing complaints personally, the multiple stories told by staff, the way customers are fobbed off or told that a piece has been lost so thats too bad, the way that good customer service means very little and the way that trying to get a complaint procedure up and running through Samsung is ridiculously difficult.

So after all this I think my days with Samsung are over and that my next phone will be purchased from one of their competitors.

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Superuser II
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Not a good experience at all @E900 


I appreciate they want the phone and charger to test but why need the original retail box.


I usually sell my phones on so having the original retail box is essential.


I personally prefer to use a Samsung Experience Store instead of sending my products off as things can go wrong.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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