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Samsung S8 tips

(Topic created on: 29-05-2021 05:54 AM)
Big Cheese
Any tips for my S8, to keep it running fast and fresh like the latest phones? Include mods, hacks, tips, etc. I think Samsung have stopped updating this phone, so any pointers will be considered :winking-face:
Big Cheese
Tips to keep it running fast and new like the latest phones, but still being battery efficient. Include rom modifications and things similar to that nature, as well as any secret, unknown tips that you may feel improve the functionality on my S8 device! :winking-face:
Samsung Members Star ★★

Some generic troubleshooting tips are  …

  • Regularly use Device Care to get rid of unused files.
  • Keep the phone's internal storage usage as low as possible. Don't fill it to capacity.
  • Keep app's updated using your Playstore and Galaxy Store.
  • Don't use Apk file's.
  • Delete unused app's.
  • Delete old note's,  calendar entries,  old texts , unused music etc.
  • If you use a Sd card make sure it isn't glitching which can affect the phone.
  • Clear your phone's System Cache Files by turning your phone Off and then from a set series of button presses go into the phone's System Files and clear the cache. No information is lost this way. You may need to insert your headphones or hook upto a computer with your data cable to get to this menu on the phone. 
  • Factory reset only as a last resort.
  • If any updates do become available such as security updates then download them.

Hope the above helps.   :smiling-face:

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Big Cheese
Wow, thanks for the tips bro! :face-with-tears-of-joy: