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Samsung S8 - Smart View won't connexct to Roku or Amazon Firestick


Been trying to get my S8 to connect to my Roku or my Amazon FireStick for days with no joy. Smartview offers up the devices in the list for me to choose and then just stays on the "connecting" screen until eventually times out. Does anyone else have this problem and does anyone have a solution?


Weirdly, if I use the 3rd party "Allscreen" app and the "Allscreen" app on my Roku, I can play media via the Roku, as long as I can select "Allscreen" as the media player for that file (not possible in all cases). But no matter what I try, SmartView will not allow me to connect to my other devices for screen mirroring etc. 


Not very impressed tbh!


Noone else having this issue?


Are no Samsung reps going to suggest a fix?

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This had been working on my S8+ but now I have a similar issue. The phone detects and recognizes the Roku 3, they're both on the same network, it starts to connect, brings up thephone screen on the TV and then drops. This should work more smoothly.

I took mine into Samsung store. They flashed the software (hold both volume buttons and the lock button together for around 10 secs) and it works perfectly now. 


Beware!...if you flash your software you will lose EVERYTHING on the phone, so backup before you do it. It's basically a factory reset

I am having the samsung s8 on ALL DEVICES. It won't connect and times out with Roku 3 and Firestick TV. It's a terrible feature.

I'm having the same issue I go to smart view click on the tv I want to use and then all it does is say connecting for a while and then the tv disappears for a sec then pops back up as an option again but I can never get it to connect. My in app casts work like youtube and netflix but not on smart view

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